AJAZZ AC100 Three-Mode RGB Keyboard With Colorful LCD Display Screen

AJAZZ has just dropped a brand new 98% mechanical keyboard with a built-in LCD display screen and a CNC-machined aluminum alloy chassis, introducing the brand-new AJAZZ AC100. AJAZZ has years of expertise in designing premium-quality mechanical keyboards. The latest AC100 is crafted with high precision to give the user a premium experience featuring CNC machined 6063 series aluminum alloy chassis, PBT material three-tone keycaps, etc. It has a compact 98% layout with a 100-key setup which is pretty neat and suitable for different use scenarios. AJAZZ AC100 is here in two different variants, wired mode with monochrome white backlight priced at $79.99, and Three-mode with RGB backlight priced at $99.99, feel free to check out more details here.


The main attraction of the AC100 lies between the Alphanumeric and Numeric Keypad area, right above the arrow keys. AJAZZ has Fitted a small and compact TFT LCD display screen here that shows us various settings on the keyboard including time, active connection mode, battery percentage, etc. Users can also customize this screen with custom GIFs, static images, etc. as well. Do note that the Display Screen is there only on the three-mode RGB backlit variant. Another key attraction of the AJAZZ AC100 is the new Kailh Butter Ice Cream Switches here. These offer excellent typing feedback with a silky-smooth buttery experience.

AJAZZ has designed the AC100 keyboard with a gasket-mounted internal structure design. The keyboard offers comfortable typing feedback with its soft elastic gasket design. We also have five-layered internal shock and sound-absorbing padding including PORON sandwich padding, IXPE undershaft padding, Bottom silicone padding, etc. This highly padded internal design fills the empty spaces inside the keyboard and promises a comfortable typing experience with soft acoustics.


AJAZZ AC100 has a dynamic backlight experience. The Three-mode variant comes with a colorful RGB backlight with multiple lighting effects for easy customization by the users. The three-color PBT keycaps on the three-mode variant add another layer of richness to the looks of this all-amazing keyboard as well. It comes equipped with a large capacity 4000mAh battery. With the help of low-power chips, it promises an outstanding battery life as well.


AJAZZ AC100 is an amazingly built keyboard which is full of features. The Three-Mode variant brings all the latest features one requires. We personally feel the 100-key 98% layout is perfect for most scenarios as it retains almost the entire keyboard with a little compactness to the structure. Check out the AJAZZ AC100 here, and get one for yourself!!

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