NEWMEN GM560 Pro 100-key 8000Hz Wired Keyboard With Magnetic Switches

Magnetic Switches are slowly entering into the gaming mechanical keyboard market and they have already started replacing the Optical switches for many users. Their unique features such as Rapid Trigger, Dynamic Keystrokes, and adjustable keystroke functions make them a preferable choice among the other switch types for gamers. Today, we are excited to announce a brand new keyboard that comes stock with new-gen magnetic switches, presenting the all-new NEWMEN GM560 Pro. Priced attractively at just $89.99, you can check out more details here.


NEWMEN GM560 Pro has a 98% layout with a 100-keys arrangement. As mentioned earlier, The keyboard features new-generation Magnetic switches that offer Rapid Trigger and Dynamic Keystroke functions. They offer silky smooth typing feedback with adjustable trigger response. Users can easily adjust the trigger point with a precision of 0.1mm between the 0.2~3.8mm range. Rapid Trigger and Dynamic Keystroke functions enable multiple functions to be programmed in a single keystroke. This opens new doors of possibilities for gamers as now they can program different actions on a single keystroke movement.


NEWMEN GM560 Pro features a solid build quality. The keyboard has PBT material translucent keycaps. They enlighten your environment with the dynamic RGB backlight glowing brightly. RGB backlight also has musical rhythmic lightning effects. It has a high-quality aluminium alloy top cover as well. NEWMEN has made the GM560 Pro available in two colour options, White and Black. Other features of the GM560 Pro includes full-key hot-swappable sockets, full-key No-Conflict operation, etc.

As for connectivity, the NEWMEN GM560 Pro offers instantaneous response with 8000Hz wired connection mode. Your key inputs will be registered almost instantly and the keyboard is fully compatible with both Windows and Mac devices.


NEWMEN GM560 Pro is a great choice for users who want to experience the magic of Magnetic Switches with a comfortable 100-Key arrangement. Get yours with us for just $89.99, check out more information here.

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