Ajazz Announces Year Of The Tiger Themed Limited Edition AC081 75% Mechanical Keyboard

Year Of The Tiger is here, Most of the premium brands across different industries are releasing specially themed products. Today, Ajazz joins the gang with its latest limited Year Of The Tiger for its famous AC081 75% mechanical keyboard. This new limited edition AC081 boasts rich and premium build quality with its CNC machined Aluminum Alloy chassis which undergoes high-quality anodizing and electrophoresis processes for a nicely textured finish. The Ajazz AC081 Limited Year Of The Tiger Edition has a brilliant textured finish. It is launched officially for 219$.

Ajazz AC081-1

AC081 has an 81-key 75% keyboard layout where it has a compact form factor. The keyboard has a beautiful artistic design with unique and custom artwork. It looks phenomenal with high-quality dye-sublimed dual-tone injection-molded PBT keycaps. The keycaps not only look beautiful but also have a smooth, rich, matte finish. Ajazz has designed the internals of the AC081 keyboard using Gasket Mounted structure design. The keyboard plate is connected in the frame using Poron cushioning pads that don’t let the plate move or wobble. With this gasket-mounted structure, the AC081 Year Of The Tiger Limited Edition Keyboard provides a soft, smooth, wobble-free operation.

Ajazz AC081-2

In collaboration with Kalih, Ajazz has designed custom Year of the Tiger-themed mechanical switches for the AC081 keyboard. These switches have a linear mechanism and work flawlessly without causing any issues such as ghosting or accidental keypresses. The switches are sensitive with a soft trigger force of just 45gf, and a short trigger at 1.8mm. Kalih Box switches are highly durable, they have a life span of over 80 million keystrokes.

Ajazz AC081-3

The Ajazz AC081 Year Of The Tiger Mechanical Keyboard features a hot-swappable keyboard plate. The mechanical switches can be switched easily using a simple pull and plug method. It supports both 3-pin and 5-pin mechanical switches making the AC081 compatible with 99% of mechanical switches available in the market. Price of Ajazz AC081 is 219$.


>Beautiful Year Of The Tiger Theme Design.

>75% Compact Keyboard Layout.

>All-Aluminum CNC Machined Narrow Bezel Chassis.

>Gasket Mounted Structure.

>High-Quality Dual-Tone Injection Molded PBT Keycaps.

>Hot-Swappable Base.

>Silicone-Padded Structure.

>High-Quality Kalih Box Mechanical Switches.

>Gateron Satellite Axis Stabilisers.

>Custom Macro Programming.

>Full-RGB Backlight Design.

>Replaceable Nameplate.

Technical Specs:-

>Keyboard Layout: 75%.

>Connection Interface: USB Type-C Wired.

>Dimensions: 325.7xx134.7x40.7mm.

>Weight: 1778±50grams.

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