HyperX Mars 2: Top Five Features Making This An Ideal Gaming Keyboard

Keyboard enthusiasts, gamers, and casual users want to have precise performance with accurate trigger response, no ghosting issues, high durability, and top-level performance type features from their mechanical keyboards. Famous brands such as HyperX, Ducky, etc have been working with the community and professional gamers for designing keyboards that will fulfill those requirements. Today, HyperX has announced its latest gaming mechanical keyboard that is designed with deep market research and close communication with a large number of professional e-sports players, meet the all-new HyperX Mars 2. The latest Mars 2 bring many new features to the table that makes it an ideal choice for your next gaming mechanical keyboard. Let’s find out more about Mars 2.

HyperX Mars 2-1

Sunken Structure Design:-

After all the study and research, HyperX has created the Mars 2 Keyboard with a sunken structure design. This sunken structure not only makes the sound soft and thick but also provides a stable keystroke mechanism. The Mars 2 provides a super stable user experience, where you can type on it all day long and won’t feel any kind of wobbling or instability during operation.

HyperX Mars 2-2

Softer Keystroke Sounds With Sound-Insulation Layer & Factory-Lubricated Switches:-

HyperX Mars 2 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard features a high-density sound insulation layer. It avoids excessive noise from the keystrokes and provides a softer sound on each key press. In addition, HyperX has readjusted the stabilizers under large keys. The switches come factory-lubricated for a softer sound. Softer sounds don’t let you lose your focus while gaming and hearing sharp sounds of switches.

HyperX Mars 2-3

Fast & Accurate Trigger Response With Newly Designed Fire Switches:-

The entire feel and soul of any mechanical keyboard lies in its mechanical switches. HyperX has a huge catalog of products where they have designed several sets of premium mechanical switches. They have equipped their latest designed Fire axis switches on the Mars 2 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard. These switches are suitable for both gaming as well as office usage with their smooth, linear trigger response. They have a trigger elasticity of 45g with a shorter travel distance of just 1.8mm, the response time with the Fire Axis switches is lightning fast keeping you ahead of your competition.

HyperX Mars 2-4

Full Backlit RGB Light With Multiple Pre-Built Effects:-

HyperX Mars 2 features a fully backlit RGB design. Well, who doesn’t love a full RGB atmosphere, it just looks phenomenal. The RGB lights on the HyperX Mars 2 can be adjusted through simple key combinations without the need for any driver installation or debugging required. 

Special Game Mode:-

For professional e-sports players, HyperX Mars 2 also has a special tournament game mode that locks the accidental macro and accidental key presses. Now be ready for competitive games and don't worry about any issues related to accidental keypresses or ghosting issues.

HyperX Mars 2-5

Comfortable and Durable Keycaps:-

HyperX Mars 2 features specially designed ergonomic keycaps that fit your fingertips perfectly and provide you with a comfortable typing experience. HyperX has used high-quality PBT material for the keycaps which is highly durable and oil-resistant.

HyperX Mars 2 is an impressive keyboard designed for both professional and casual users. It is priced quite attractively at 329 Yuan.

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