AJAZZ Introduces AJ179 Series High-End Wireless Gaming Mouse

AJAZZ has announced its latest high-performance gaming mouse series, the AJAZZ AJ179. The series consists of four different models starting with the base models AJ179, AJ179P, AJ179Pro, and the flagship AJ179 Apex. The first three models in the series come equipped with PAW3395 high-end sensor supporting a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI with 650IPS tracking speed while the flagship AJ179 Apex houses the latest flagship PAW3950 Ultimate sensor offering a native resolution of 30000DPI with 750IPS tracking speed. AJAZZ AJ170 series is developed for gamers with small to medium hands looking for high-performance gaming mice. The series starts at an attractive price of just 99 Yuan and goes a maximum at 299 Yuan for the flagship AJ179 Apex model. It will be soon released on our store, please stay tuned for further updates.


Multi-Mode Connectivity With 8K Polling Rate Support:-

The AJAZZ AJ179 series of wireless gaming mice supports a maximum response time of 8000Hz or 8K. the base AJ179 and AJ179P models have 1K polling rate support, but the AJ179 Pro and the AJ179 Apex support 8K wireless polling rate. This makes them super fast with a response time of just 0.125ms, making both of them a perfect choice for gamers who need lightning-fast performance. The Base models support dual-mode connectivity featuring Wired and Wireless 2.4GHz modes, and the AJ179 Pro and AJ179 Apex support three-mode connection options(wired+wireless 2.4GHz+wireless Bluetooth).

Pixel-Precise Accuracy With High-End Sensors:-

AJAZZ has made sure that each model of the latest AJ179 series gaming mouse offers fantastic accuracy and silky smooth movement. The AJ179, AJ179P, and AJ179 Pro houses a PAW3395 sensor that provides a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI with 650IPS tracking speed and 50g acceleration. The flagship model AJ179 Apex adopts the latest flagship PAW3950 Ultimate sensor for improved speed and accuracy. It reaches a maximum sensitivity of 30000DPI natively and up to 42000DPI with boost and offers 750IPS tracking speed. All the mouse models in the AJ179 series offer brilliant performance to gamers.

Flagship Mouse Comes With Flagship Features.:-

The AJ179 Apex is a high-end model that brings the best of the features to the lineup. It comes with a wireless charging base with built-in colourful display screen. This screen shows various settings and can also be customized with animation GIFs, etc. The AJ179 Apex also has a premium in-hand feel with ice-coating technology. The AJ179 Apex looks and feels perfect!!

Right-Hand Ergonomics, Comfortable Grip:-

Each model here features a small and ergonomic form factor. They have been designed for right-handed users who want a lightweight and smoothly gliding mouse. All the models have the same dimensions and weight, weighing in at just 58 grams.


Each model in the series houses high-quality Huano micro-movement switches. They come equipped with a 400mAh battery that provides them with ample battery life. Following many successful models such as the AJ159, and AJ159 Apex, the latest AJ179 series is set to bring improved tracking performance with fast 8K wireless return rate support. The AJ179 series will be soon launched on our website, stay tuned for further updates.

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