VGN A75 Gaming Magnetic Switch Wired Keyboard Launched

VGN has launched its latest innovation in gaming peripherals, the A75 Gaming Magnetic Switch Keyboard, marking a significant advancement in keyboard technology. This innovative keyboard features a 75-column layout and is available in five distinct color options: classic white, classic black, rose red gradient, blue gradient, and gray gradient, catering to a variety of aesthetic preferences for gamers and professionals alike.

Design and Features

The VGN A75 adopts the GAS (Grid Array Structure) architecture, which enhances both performance and user experience. The keyboard supports a single-mode wired connection, ensuring stable and reliable input, crucial for both high-stakes gaming and precision-driven office work.

Incorporating a high-tech magnetic switch mechanism, the VGN A75 allows for an adjustable keystroke depth ranging from 0.1mm to 4.0mm. This customizable feature means that each key can be fine-tuned to a user's exact preference with an incredible precision of 0.1mm increments. This level of customization supports advanced key functions such as DKS (Double Key Stroke), MT (Multi-Tap), TGL (Toggle), and complex key macros, offering gamers and typists a tailored and responsive experience.

Enhanced Functionality and Performance

The VGN A75 is not just about customization; it is also about delivering a premium tactile and auditory experience. The keyboard is equipped with sound-absorbing materials and a combination PC/steel positioning plate. This design reduces resonance, providing a quieter and more comfortable typing experience while maintaining the precision required for magnetic switch keys.

Additionally, the keyboard features a metal knob for volume control, making it versatile for both gaming and office environments. This knob allows users to quickly adjust audio levels without needing to leave their current task, adding to the keyboard’s utility.

Web-Based Drivers and Device Management

The VGN A75 supports web-based drivers, a significant innovation that allows for seamless device management. Through a single web interface, users can adjust various parameters such as keyboard performance, lighting effects, and sensitivity settings. This centralized control hub simplifies the management of multiple devices, making it an attractive feature for users who prefer a streamlined setup.

Color Variants to Match Every Style

The five color options available for the VGN A75 — classic white, classic black, rose red gradient, blue gradient, and gray gradient — ensure that there is a style to match every user’s preference. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and professional or bold and eye-catching, the VGN A75 has a design to suit your needs.


With its combination of advanced features, customizable magnetic switches, and elegant design, the VGN A75 gaming magnetic switch keyboard is set to make a significant impact in the gaming and professional markets. Its launch today marks the arrival of a versatile and high-performance tool that promises to enhance productivity and gaming experiences alike.

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