AJAZZ Releases AK35i V3 104-Key Full-Size Keyboard with TFT Colorful Display Screen

AJAZZ is a highly productive brand in the PC Peripheral industry. The brand has an exclusive range of peripherals including gaming mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, etc. Today, we are excited to launch their latest full-sized mechanical keyboard, introducing the AJAZZ AK35i V3. It has a 104-key full-sized arrangement with a multimedia metallic knob and a 1.14” TFT colorful display screen. With a soft-elastic gasket-mounted structure design and multi-layered internal padding, the AK35i V3 offers excellent typing feedback to its users. AJAZZ has priced this highly-equipped keyboard quite nicely as well, you can get it for just $99.99, check out more details here.

AJAZZ AK35i V3-1

AJAZZ AK35i V3 fits every setup with its full-sized layout. It has a 104-key layout featuring everything from the function row keys to the numeric keypad. So whatever your use case might be, the AJAZZ AK35i V3 fits perfectly. It comes equipped with a 1.14” TFT display screen that showcases different keyboard settings such as active connection mode, battery status, time, etc. Users can customize this display screen with static images, animated gifs, etc. as well. The AK35i V3 also has a metallic knob that allows for easy volume adjustment on the go.

AJAZZ AK35i V3-2

With a carefully designed Gasket-mounted internal structure, the AJAZZ AK35i V3 gaming keyboard offers excellent typing feedback. AJAZZ has featured multi-layered internal padding including PORON Sandwich Cotton, IXPE undershaft padding, bottom silicone padding, etc. for soft and pure typing sound. The AK35i V3 keyboard also has FR4 single-key slotted PCB, all these above-mentioned structure components help in getting a comfortable soft-elastic typing feedback and pure typing sound.

AJAZZ AK35i V3 comes equipped with their own customized Avocado mechanical switches. They offer a silky-smooth typing experience with a short pre-travel of just 1.5mm and a total key travel of just 3.5mm. They have a light trigger force of 45gf, Enthusiasts who would like to play around can also replace the switches as the keyboard comes equipped with hot-swappable sockets. AJAZZ AK35i V3 keyboard supports convenient three-mode connectivity supporting wireless 2.4GHz, wireless Bluetooth, and wired USB connection modes. The keyboard also has full-color dynamic RGB backlight with south-facing LEDs. It supports 20 different lighting effects including musical rhythmic effects.

AJAZZ AK35i V3-3

AJAZZ has featured a high capacity 8000mAh battery on the AK35i V3. It provides the keyboard with a long-lasting battery backup lasting up to 140 hours with the RGB turned off and up to 28 hours with the RGB and screen turned on. AJAZZ AK35i V3 is a fantastic keyboard equipped with advanced features and an elegant design. The keyboard is available in three striking color options priced at $99.99, check out more details here.

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