AKKO Launches MOD007B-HE Versatile Three-Mode Keyboard With Adjustable Magnetic Switches

Founded back in 2016, AKKO has been continuously bringing us new and updated PC Peripherals with innovative new technologies, eye-catching designs, advanced features, etc. The brand specializes in gaming mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, etc. with premium functions and features. Their sub-brand Monsgeek recently released an innovative keyboard the Monsgeek M1 that comes equipped with advanced Magnetic mechanical switches. What makes them special? Well, you can easily customize your typing experience with these magnetic switches. Today, AKKO has also released a brand-new keyboard using these Yellow Linear Magnetic switches, Introducing the all-new AKKO MOD007B-HE. The name might feel a little strange here, but the accompanying feature list to this keyboard is long and extremely amazing!!


First and foremost, we are going to talk about the adjustable magnetic mechanical switches here. These basically have a yellow switch design with linear actuation and light trigger force(which is majorly adjustable). We have two different trigger responses here, Rapid Trigger(light force, quick triggering, slight lifting of finger resets the switch so users can quickly press again and register rapid triggering), and DKS(Dynamic Keystrokes). Dynamic Keystrokes allow the users to adjust different functions on a single keystroke. Users can adjust two different functions on a single key press, light pressing responding to function 1 and deep pressing responding to function two. Similarly, we can put two functions upon key release as well allowing for a maximum of four functions with a single keystroke. This might sound complicated, but it is very easy and useful for gamers who want quick actions at their fingertips.


The MOD007B-HE keyboard basically has a compact 75% layout with 82-key arrangement and a multimedia knob. This knob allows for easy adjustment of the volume and brightness on the go. We have a premium finish on the keyboard with CNC-Machined Aluminum alloy chassis and OSA-profile dual-tone PBT material keycaps. The build is actually quite solid and we have three eye-catching color options as well. The keyboard has a soft-elastic gasket-mounted structure design. It also has a dynamic RGB backlight. AKKO has featured versatile three-mode connectivity allowing the users to connect to different devices as they wish. It supports high-speed wireless 2.4GHz, wireless Bluetooth, and Wired USB connection options.


AKKO MOD007B-HE mechanical keyboard offers great performance. Its adjustable keystrokes are fun to use, and they offer advanced key-triggering as well. It’s a keyboard ideal for both gaming as well as office systems. AKKO has priced it attractively for 245.99$, check out more details over here.

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