RoyalAxe XL98 LED Three-Mode Mechanical Keyboard With Dot-Matrix Customizable Screen

RoyalAxe designs some astonishingly beautiful and well-made mechanical keyboards, but today’s launch by the brand is something special. Presenting you all the ultimate RoyalAxe XL98 LED mechanical keyboard with a unique and eye-catching Dot-Matrix colourful LED display that can be customized with different lighting patterns. RoyalAxe has specially designed OEM height PBT material dye-sublimed keycaps with a three-sided transparent design. Each and every single component on the XL98 LED mechanical keyboard has been carefully chosen for a premium typing experience for the users. The RoyalAxe XL98 LED mechanical keyboard is a premium flagship-grade keyboard priced at 335.99$, you can check out more details here.

RoyalAxe XL98-1

First and foremost, the key feature of the XL98 LED is a dot-matrix LED colourful display screen. This display is quite fun and has a trendy element to it. Users can customize the screen with different texts and patterns. It looks like a dynamic signboard attached right to the keyboard, quite fun and lively. In order to get the best out of its dynamic RGB backlight, RoyalAxe has equipped the XL98 LED keyboard with specially designed OEM height PBT material keycaps. We have a three-sided transparent that helps take the glare of the backlight away from the users.

RoyalAxe XL98-2

The XL98 keyboard features a dynamic backlight with full-color RGB LEDs. The backlight supports multiple lighting effects allowing the user to get a fully customizable experience while using it. RoyalAxe has not only taken account of the dynamics and looks of the keyboard, but they have also equipped the keyboard with a solid foundation for comfortable typing feedback. We have a gasket-mounted structure design along with which we also have a multi-layered padded internal structure, resulting in comfortable typing feedback. The XL98 LED keyboard features TTC’s latest Titan Heart RGB linear mechanical switches. They have a light and quick trigger response with an operating force of just 42 gf. For enthusiasts, we also have full-key hot-swappable sockets supporting both 3-pin and 5-pin mechanical switches.

RoyalAxe XL98-3

RoyalAxe XL98 LED mechanical keyboard adopts a comfortable 96% compact layout with an exquisite anodized-finish metallic chassis. The keyboard also features a volume knob for easy adjustment of volume on the go. It supports versatile three-mode connectivity supporting wireless 2.4GHz, wireless Bluetooth, and Wired USB connection modes. The XL98 LED supports both Mac and Windows systems making it an even more versatile choice for the users. RoyalAxe treats the XL98 LED keyboard with a large 8000mAh battery that promises an amazing battery life of up to 200 hours.

RoyalAxe XL98 LED is a specially-built keyboard. It is equipped with advanced functions and features and at the same time has a premium build as well. Grab the XL98 LED keyboard for 335.99$, check out more details here.

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