Beitong Unveils Beitong Inspiration Keyboard with Customized Secret Switch in Collaboration with TTC

Beitong has announced the launch of its latest offering, the "Beitong Inspiration Keyboard," in collaboration with TTC (Taiwan Tactile Corporation). This cutting-edge mechanical keyboard, boasting a unique Gasket structure, is set to revolutionize the gaming and tech market with its unparalleled features and aesthetics. The announcement was made today, accompanied by the revelation of a customized secret switch developed in partnership with TTC.


The "Beitong Inspiration Keyboard" is a testament to meticulous engineering and design prowess. Sporting a sleek 97-key configuration, the keyboard offers gamers and tech enthusiasts an immersive experience like never before. Available in three captivating colors - "Cream White" (Snow Moon Switch), "Turquoise Blue" (Secret Realm Switch), and "Fengxin Purple" (Secret Realm Switch) - each variant exudes its own aura of sophistication and mystique.


The "Beitong Inspiration Keyboard" dazzles users with its mesmerizing RGB lighting effects, offering an extensive palette of 16 million color options and 18 dynamic lighting animations. This visual spectacle is further enhanced by the use of translucent keycaps, which intensify the vibrancy of the RGB illumination, creating a captivating gaming ambiance. Beneath its sleek exterior, the keyboard is powered by a sophisticated blend of Kaihua Snow Moon switches and TTC secret switches, guaranteeing unparalleled performance and responsiveness tailored to the needs of gamers.


Adding a touch of convenience and functionality, the "Beitong Inspiration Keyboard" incorporates a unique knob with an integrated screen in the upper right corner. This multifunctional knob not only facilitates seamless volume control but also serves as a display for essential information such as time, month, and device connectivity status. Moreover, users have the liberty to personalize the screen with custom images, further enhancing the keyboard's customization capabilities.


TTC, the renowned collaborator behind the development of the customized secret switch, sheds light on the intricacies of the "Fengxin Purple" variant. Symbolizing mystery and secrecy, this switch boasts a sophisticated design with gradient layers adorning the switch button, upper cover, and base. Additionally, the inclusion of edge-cutting guides and a pillar of light elevates its aesthetic appeal to new heights.


Delving into the technical specifications, the secret switch boasts an impressive linear shaft construction, featuring a conduction pressure of 40, a conduction stroke of 1.2mm, a total stroke of 3.4mm, and a commendable click life of 80 million times. The utilization of premium materials such as POK for the switch button, along with POM for the upper cover and base, ensures durability and longevity, making it an ideal choice for avid gamers and professionals alike.


Beitong's foray into the realm of customized keyboards marks a significant milestone in the company's journey towards innovation and excellence. With the "Beitong Inspiration Keyboard" set to debut on the Mystic Switch platform, the gaming community eagerly anticipates the arrival of this groundbreaking product, poised to redefine the standards of mechanical keyboards in the digital age. Stay tuned for updates on its availability on e-commerce platforms, as Beitong continues to push the boundaries of possibility in the world of gaming peripherals.

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