Skyloong GK104 8K Keyboard With Dual-Screen Design

We are delighted to launch the all-new Skyloong GK104 Pro high-quality full-sized three-mode mechanical keyboard. Different from traditional full-sized layout, the GK104 Pro actually has dual screens, one of which is a hot-swappable 2.0” TFT colorful display screen and the other is a digital screen with voice calculator.  This gives the users of the Skyloong GK104 Pro keyboard complete freedom on customizing their experience with the keyboard. Skyloong GK104 keyboard is available in three modern color options priced at just $109.99, check out more details here.

Skyloong GK104 Pro-1

As mentioned earlier, the biggest key attraction of the GK104 Pro is the dual screen setup we have. In today’s time, we have plenty of keyboards in different layouts with colorful TFT display screens. The GK104 Pro is different as the keyboard has two display screens. One is a big 2” display screen, it is hot-swappable. Users can replace the home-key cluster and put this big display there. This can be customized with different Gifs, Static Images, etc. By default we have different keyboard settings, connectivity settings, etc. displayed on this screen.

Skyloong GK104 Pro-2

The other screen is a calculator display screen placed right above the numeric keys. It also has a voice option for this calculator display. The GK104 Pro also has customizable knobs that can be easily customized with different functions based on different applications as well. For example, one can program the knobs for functions such as zoom adjustment, volume, backlight, etc.

In order to provide comfortable typing feedback, Skyloong has designed the GK104 Pro keyboard with a top-fixed gasket-mounted structure design. The keyboard plate is fixed on the top cover of the keyboard. It combines the benefits of the top-mounted and gasket-mounted structures promising a comfortable typing feedback. The keyboard has high-speed three-mode connectivity. It supports an 8000Hz polling rate ensuring quick and fast response for the users with a response time of just 0.125ms. Skyloong GK104 Pro keyboard has a second-generation split space design.

Skyloong GK104 Pro-3

Skyloong GK104 features a dynamic RGB backlight with multiple lightning effects. It has full-key hot-swappable sockets, and promises comfortable typing with full-key conflict-free operation. It houses an 8000mAh battery that promises an outstanding battery backup of up to 190 hours.  Skyloong GK104 Pro is a full-sized keyboard that is designed for enthusiasts and gamers who want fast performance and an industrial-theme design. The dual-screen design gives high-end industrial-grade keyboard feels yet the keyboard has an affordable price of just $109.99, grab yours today.

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