Cherry Launches Its First Hot-Swappable Keyboard: Cherry XTRFY K5V2 Torrent

Cherry is a prominent name in the PC peripheral market. With years of expertise in engineering excellence and quality, Cherry has one of the largest catalogues of mechanical switches in the market. Today, with its subsidiary brand XTRFY, Cherry has launched a brand-new mechanical keyboard, introducing the all-new Cherry XTRFY K5V2 Torrent. It is a new-generation gaming mechanical keyboard with Hot-Swappable sockets and comes equipped with a new generation of MX2A mechanical switches. The brand has long been respected for its extraordinary craftsmanship, this is the first time they are bringing a hot-swappable keyboard in the market. The Cherry XTRFY K5V2 is the first mechanical keyboard from Cherry to feature full-key hot-swappable sockets.

Cherry XTRFY K5V2-1

Cherry has equipped the K5V2 Torrent with its latest-generation MX2A Linear Red mechanical switches. They bring noticeable improvements to the OG MX switches bringing smoother keystrokes and improved acoustics. The switches come factory-lubricated with high-quality lubrication. The column here adopts a new design providing a smoother and quieter typing feedback with the keyboard. Also, the MX2A mechanical switches adopt a new and innovative Barrel-shaped Spring. All this ensures we have silky smooth typing feedback with consistent movement, quick rebound, and softer acoustics. Just like other MX series switches from Cherry, the MX2A switches are equipped with their signature gold cross-contact technology ensuring keyboard accuracy, with low jitter, and improving durability as well.

Cherry XTRFY K5V2-2

Cherry XTRFY K5V2 features an eye-catching designer theme. It has been created by a Swedish designer using five-sided dye-sublimation PBT material keycaps. The colors and the design are vivid and lively. The XTRFY K5V2 is a fully customizable mechanical keyboard. Everything right from the switches to the keycaps, cover, and even magnetic nameplates on the keyboard can be replaced easily. The keyboard adopts a transparent shell design. It has a multi-color RGB backlight that glows right through the transparent shell and presents the users with a colorful and vivid backlight. It features a metallic positioning plate with dual-layered sound-absorbing padding and hand-lubricated stabilizers for smoother operation.

Cherry XTRFY K5V2-3

The Cherry XTRFY K5V2 is a feature-rich keyboard. It not only has a designer-themed build, but also provides comfortable typing feedback with new-generation MX2A Red Linear switches, presents the users with a vivid RGB backlight, and at the same time offers advanced features such as Macro-Definition, Media playback control, etc. All these can be accessed without the use of any additional drivers.

Cherry XTRFY K5V2-4

Cherry has designed the keyboard with special key-scanning technology. All keystrokes are detected every 0.5 milliseconds, ensuring a faster response time and stable ultra-low-latency performance. This makes the keyboard a great choice for Gamers. In fact, the Cherry XTRFY K5V2 keyboard is loved by many CS: Go Professional players, including the CS Go Champion team Vitality. Whether you are an amateur or a pro gamer, the Cherry XTRFY K5V2 will definitely impress you with its performance!!

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