Lofree Launches Dot Series Liquid Foundation Compact Three-Mode Gasket Mechanical Keyboard

Lofree is a premium boutique brand from China that specializes in the accessory realm. Lofree designs unique and designer products for everyday usage including mechanical keyboards, mice, and other desktop accessories. Keyboard and Mouse are one of their key categories with a wide range of innovative designer products. Today, we are super excited to launch the latest keyboard from the house of Lofree, introducing the Dot Series Liquid Foundation 84-key three-mode versatile mechanical keyboard. It’s an advanced feature-rich mechanical keyboard built with ultimate craftsmanship. The keycaps are designed with gradients of colorful liquid foundation giving them a pure crystal-like premium look and finish. It supports advanced functions including three-mode connectivity, gasket internal structure, customized switches, etc. Let’s treat your desktops with the all-new Lofree Dot Series Liquid Foundation Mechanical Keyboard launched officially for 199.99$. You can also buy the Lofree Milk Tea Mouse combo with the keyboard for 249.99$, check out more details here.

Lofree Dot Series Liquid Foundation Keyboard-1

The Dot Series Liquid Foundation mechanical keyboard is a piece of art. It is crafted with great precision and craftsmanship. The keycaps have a rich and premium crystal-like look in a unique colourful gradient finish. Lofree has crafted them by putting gradients of different shades of liquid foundation material on the keycaps. They not only have a classy, textured finish but also have a comfortable in-hand feel. Their shape is carefully carved for a more comfortable grip without fingers, truly a revolutionary design. The keyboard itself has a compact 84-key TKL layout making it a handy choice for everyday use.

Lofree Dot Series Liquid Foundation Keyboard-2

Lofree has designed the Dot Series Liquid Foundation keyboard to bring ultimate design and blend it perfectly with advanced features. The keyboard has comfortable typing with a Gasket internal structure design. It adopts newly customized linear switches with light 40gf trigger force for comfortable typing feedback. The switches are customized to match the classy colour theme of the keyboard. It also has a full-key hot-swappable design allowing the user to DIY the keyboard their own way. Lofree has also featured a warm backlight on the Dot Series Liquid Foundation keyboard treating its users with a soothing atmosphere around the keyboard. It has seven different lighting effects to choose from.

Lofree Dot Series Liquid Foundation Keyboard-3

Lofree Dot Series Liquid Foundation keyboard can be connected to a variety of devices with its versatile three-mode connectivity function. We can connect the keyboard with wireless 2.4GHz, wireless Bluetooth V5.3, and Wired USB connection options. It comes equipped with a large capacity 4000mAh Battery that provides an exciting battery life of up to 6 to 8 weeks with the keyboard.

Lofree Dot Series Liquid Foundation Keyboard is a great choice for people who crave creativity with great functionality. It’s the perfect blend with a classy design and advanced latest-generation functions bringing improved performance to your desktop. You can get this stunning keyboard for yourself starting at just 199.99$, check out more details here.

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