Cherry MX "Black Clear Top" & "Ergo Clear" Mechanical Switches: All-New Customizable Mechanical Switches!!

Cherry is an expert leader in the PC peripheral industry. The brand is known mainly for its outstanding range of PC peripherals including mechanical keyboards, mechanical switches, mice, and more. Their switches are highly-acclaimed for their smooth operation and long durability. Cherry has recently launched two new mechanical switches, the Cherry MX Ergo Clear and Cherry MX Black Clear Top.

Cherry MX Ink & Jade-1

Cherry Black Clear Top switches are based on their classic Black switches. They have a milky white top cover with a black stem core and a black bottom cover. The switches are made using a dark “Ink Black“ color scheme. The Black Clear Top switches will be available in a factory-lubed version for a smooth typing experience. They will also be available in DIY version, which users can tune as per their requirements and experience a unique feel with their keyboards. Similar to the classic Black switches, the Black Clear Top switches have a linear operation with a little heavy trigger force.

Cherry Ergo Clear switches are based on their classic White switches. They have a smooth operation with tactile feedback. They have a milky white, slightly transparent switch stem. Ergo Clear switches deliver a delicate and warm typing experience for the users. They will be available in both 3-pin and 5-pin variants, RGB & non-RGB versions, and factory-tuned and DIY user-unable variants.

Cherry MX Ink & Jade-2

Both the Cherry Ergo Clear and the Cherry Black Clear Top switches will be available worldwide shortly. You can check out our collection of Cherry MX switches over here.

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