Coolkiller Announces CK68 Completely Transparent Mechanical Keyboard

CoolKiller released a new fully transparent mechanical keyboard, introducing the all-new CoolKiller CK68. It is a compact keyboard with a 68% form factor featuring 69 keys and a built-in display screen. The display screen here is highly-customizable featuring different scenarios including emojis, CPU Usage, Gifs, etc. The keyboard has a unique design with a completely transparent look. It is completely transparent from the inside out, not only the keyboard frame, but the keycaps, and even the mechanical switches are completely transparent. Be prepared to get an all-new experience with the CoolKiller CK68 Transparent keyboard!!

CoolKiller CK68-1

The Coolkiller CK68 mechanical keyboard is priced at 179.99$, check out more information here.

CoolKiller CK68 features unique looks. It is completely transparent and features a unique stylish font for the legends. The keycaps and the chassis are made up of high-transparency PC material. The material is carefully chosen to have long-lasting properties with the keyboard. It won’t fade away or lose its charming looks anytime soon. CoolKiller has designed the CK68 with top-class engineering to ensure a premium user experience. They have even developed high-performance transparent mechanical switches namely Ice Blade in Silent, Linear, and Tactile actuation. The keyboard offers DIY features with hot-swappable sockets. You can easily replace the switches with a simple pull-and-plug method.

CoolKiller CK68-2

Coolkiller CK68 mechanical keyboard features a built-in dynamic display screen. This screen shows different settings and can be customized easily using the Coolkiller driver. It shows active CPU/GPU Usage, animated Gifs, images, and other functions. The Coolkiller CK68 mechanical keyboard uses a high-quality gasket-mounted structure design. The positioning plate is placed firmly between the top cover and bottom cover using gasket mounts and no use of screws. This gives the keyboard plate an elastic feel and ensures a comfortable typing experience for the users. For a vibration-free and wobble-free experience, the CK68 features precisely tuned stabilizers underneath the large keys.

CoolKiller CK68-3

CoolKiller CK68 supports multi-device connectivity with three-mode connections. It supports advanced Wireless Bluetooth V5.1, Wireless 2.4GHz, & Wired USB Type-C connectivity options. Wireless Bluetooth allows for freely switching between different devices.

CoolKiller CK68-4

CoolKiller CK68 mechanical switches have a dynamic 16.8 million color RGB backlight. It offers multiple different dynamic lighting effects that create the perfect experience for the users. The RGB can also be customized using driver software. CoolKiller has featured a large 3750mAh battery on the CK68 that provides an extended battery life of up to 80 hours with a single charge. The CK68 is an interesting keyboard with many advanced features. It is available for just 179.99$, feel free to check out more details here.

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