Huano Introduces All New Spring Liuli Series Of Transparent Mechanical Switches

Huano is a famous brand from China that deals in high-quality mechanical switches. Earlier this month, Huano held a press conference at their factory where they showcased their current lineup and upcoming switches. Huano was founded back in 2008, they have launched the first magnetic switch patent as well. In 2014, Huano started the production of custom switches and in 2020, they entered the high-end custom switch market which was received well by the majority of keyboard enthusiasts. They have plenty of offerings in their lineup from different series including DS series, CS series, MS series, Low-Profile switches, magnetic switches, etc. At the press conference, Huano also released a brand new series of mechanical switches, the Huano Spring Liuli series of switches.

Huano Spring Liuli-1

Huano has released a total of six switches in the Spring Liuli series. All of these adopt a color transparent shell with a transparent switch core structure. They have got different names such as Conchbead, Hibiscus Jade, Tortoise Shell, Tourmaline, Green, and Citrine Switches. They mainly have two types of actuations, linear and silent tactile. Among them, the linear actuation has different pressure types with the lightest at just 31gf trigger force. Huano has created a vast range of products in the Spring Liuli series offering silver-like fast trigger response.

Huano Spring Liuli-2

The switch body adopts a new structural scheme with a round cross-core structure. They have dust protection and a stable build. The upper and lower covers have a high-brightness and high-transparency design eliminating the traditional lamp position and adopting an integrated light guide column design. Huano has specially developed this series focusing primarily on light transmission. With their transparent shell design and light guide column, they greatly enhance the backlight presentation of the keyboards.

Huano Spring Liuli-3

The new Spring Liuli series of mechanical switches are designed with gold-plated long springs as an important internal core component. The Tortoiseshell switches have the highest pressure of 55gf for a stronger trigger response and the lightest pressure is with Tourmaline switches with only 31gf ultra-lightweight triggering. This is just a short glimpse of what’s upcoming from Huano in the international market. They have also showcased many other switches including full POM axis core, etc. The Spring Liuli axis switches will be released worldwide later this year!!

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