CoolKiller CK75 Latest 75% Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard

As much as the demand for 75% mechanical keyboards is increasing in the market, brands are also following the trends by releasing new and updated keyboards. Today, CoolKiller has released a new 75% mechanical keyboard, the CoolKiller CK75. Available in two striking color options(Green & Black), the CK75 has a transparent chassis that just provides it with phenomenal looks. The keyboard will stand out in the crowd of 75% mechanical keyboards with its impressive transparent chassis. CoolKiller has priced the CK75 for 139$, feel free to check out more details here.

CoolKiller CK75-1

CK75 features a gasket-mounted structure. The keyboard plate is firmly mounted on the chassis using pads to avoid vibrations or wobbling while typing. CK75 also has silicone pads in between the keyboard plate and PCB that also makes the user experience smooth and vibration-free. For longer keys like spacebars, Enter keys, backspace, etc, CoolKiller CK75 uses TO Satellite stabilizers for a smooth performance. CK75 offers a smooth typing experience, you won’t find the keyboard to have any vibrations or wobbling issues.

CoolKiller CK75-2

CoolKiller CK75 has a 75% compact layout. The keyboard supports a wide range of products with its triple connection mode. It supports Bluetooth wireless, Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity allowing the user to pair the CK75 with Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS devices. CoolKiller has designed custom Linear switches for the CK75. The keyboard is available in two different options, Meow(Light force, Linear Operation), and Glory(Heavy force, Linear Operation). CK75 has a full-key hot-swappable design allowing the user to change the switches as they require. It features ergonomic height for keys, giving a comfortable typing experience for the users.

CoolKiller CK75-3

The CoolKiller CK75 is launched officially for 139$, it has all the advanced features of a latest-gen keyboard such as a hot-swappable plate, customized spring-shaped connector cable, full-key RGB backlight, and many more. You can check out more details about the CoolKiller CK75 here.


>Compact 75% keyboard layout.

>Transparent keyboard chassis.

>Gasket-mounted structure.

>Three-mode connection.

>Supports full-key hot-swappable keyboard.

>Customised spring-shaped connector cable.

>Full-key RGB backlight with musical rhythm backlight effect.

>Custom-developed linear mechanical switch options.

>Ergonomic and comfortable typing experience.

>Stable performance with TO satellite stabilizer under the large keys.

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