DAREU Announces Single-Wired Mode Variant For A87 Pro Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard

A few weeks back DAREU announced its latest A87 Pro wireless mechanical keyboard with triple connection modes. Today, DAREU has released a brand new single-mode variant for the A87 Pro, the DAREU A87 Pro Wired. Instead of triple connection modes that included Wireless Bluetooth and Wireless 2.4GHz connectivity, the latest A87 Pro single-mode keyboard has Wired USB Type-C Connectivity. Other than this single-mode connection, there is no difference in features of the A87 Pro Triple-Connection and Single Wired connection keyboards. In case you don’t have any requirements for Wireless connectivity, you can save up some bucks by purchasing the A87 Pro Single-Mode keyboard. It is launched officially for just 89$, Check out more details here.

DAREU A87 Pro Wired-1

DAREU A87 Pro mechanical keyboard has a gasket-mounted internal structure. They have fastened the keyboard plate by the upper and lower covers of the keyboard. It also has a thick silicone padding layer between the Keyboard plate and the PCB.  With the help of this gasket-mounted structure and silicone padding foam, the A87 Pro provides a smooth operation with no vibration or sharp sounds produced by keystrokes.

DAREU A87 Pro Wired-2

Similar to the A87 Pro Triple Connection Mode mechanical keyboard, the latest A87 Pro single-mode keyboard is equipped with custom mechanical switches. They offer two options, the DAREU Purple Gold and the DAREU Sky V3. The Sky V3 here has a linear operation while the Purple Gold switches have a brown-switch-like tactile operation. Apart from these two amazing switch options, the A87 Pro keyboard has a fully customizable Hot-Swappable Keyboard Plate. The switches can be changed easily, supporting both 3-pin and 5-pin switches on the A87 Pro.

DAREU A87 Pro Wired-3

DAREU A87 Pro keyboard has a bright RGB backlight that supports multiple pre-built backlight effects. Users can easily cycle between them using the Fn key combination. DAREU A87 Pro is an amazing keyboard designed with top-level features. With this Single-Mode connection, the A87 Pro will be easily accessible to users who only want to use it with their desktop PCs or laptops. Check out more details about the A87 Pro Single-Mode keyboard here.


>87-key compact TKL layout.

>Gasket-mounted structure.

>Hot-swappable Keyboard plate.

>DAREU customized switches.

>High-quality PBT keycaps.

>Full RGB backlit design.

>Highly durable Silicone Pad.

>Full-key non-conflict design.

>Specially adjusted stabilizers for a smooth operation.

Technical Specifications:-

>No. Of Keys: 87.

>Connection Interface: USB Type-C Wired.

>Dimensions: 364x136x41mm.

>Weight: 960±10 grams.

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