Corsair Collaborates with JOJO's Fantastic Adventures for Special Themed Peripherals

Corsair has collaborated with a well-known comic adaptation, “JOJO’s Wonderful Adventures in the Sea of Stones”. This collaborative project has got three products, the K70 RGB TKL mechanical keyboard, the M65 RGB Ultra gaming mouse, and the MM350 oversized mousepad. The design elements of all three of these products are themed on JOJO has his adventures. You will see high-quality dye-sublimed PBT keycaps on the K70 RGB TKL keyboard, the rich color theme of the M65 gaming mouse, and JOJO’s entire character team printed onto the MM350 oversized mouse pad. Out of these three products, the Corsair X JOJO M65 RGB gaming mouse and the Corsair X JOJO MM350 Oversized Mousepad are available to purchase in our store.

Corsair X JOJO Stone Ocean Edition-1

Corsair x JOJO’s Fantastic Adventures in the Sea of Stones series of products inherits the spirit of the original comic with its unique design approach. The series features its design on Corsair’s top-selling products. The K70 RGB TKL JOJO series keyboard gets its main chassis color theme in a rich aqua color. The theme design is integrated on the entire keyboard, be it keycaps or the frame, the K70 RGB TKL JOJO series keyboard has got exceptional looks. The keyboard will be available with high-performance Cherry MX Red switches. They deliver a linear keystroke with soft feedback and a smooth user experience. Cherry MX Red switches have a lifespan of up to 100 million clicks. The keyboard works with AXON high-speed processing technology with an 8000Hz polling rate. With a full RGB backlight, users can create an immersive adventurous atmosphere of their own. 

Corsair X JOJO Stone Ocean Edition-2

Second in line is the latest Corsair X JOJO M65 RGB Ultra gaming mouse. The mouse has got a unique design theme inspired by the protagonist Xu Lun from the series. The mouse has got a combination of aqua and blue colors as the main color. Design elements here include butterflies symbolized by Xu Lun and the iconic five-pointed star birthmark pattern of the JOJO family. It’s a flagship-grade mouse with a high-speed MARKSMAN 26000 DPI optical sensor. It provides the users with an unmatched 26000DPI and 650IPS tracking rate. The M65 RGB Ultra mouse provides accurate tracking with Corsair’s AXON High-Speed processing technology. It supports a high-speed 8000Hz polling rate, and allows for precise inputs and clicks. M65 RGB Ultra mouse is a flagship gaming mouse from Corsair now available with a special series design theme.

Corsair X JOJO Stone Ocean Edition-3

Along with the M65 RGB Ultra gaming mouse, Corsair has also released a JOJO series edition for its famous MM350 Pro oversized mousepad. The mousepad as a whole features the design style of the comic, gathering all the main characters on the front. This mouse pad is waterproof and stain resistant. It is crafted using a 360° stitching method with ultra-fine woven fabric on the surface. It has a 4mm thick soft rubber for smooth operation.

Corsair x JOJO special edition series brings a new design theme to three of the top-selling products in Corsair’s lineup. Be sure to check them all out here!!

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