AKKO Releases New 5108B Plus Kuromi Edition Full-Sized Triple-Connection Mechanical Keyboard

Designer Keyboards always have a huge demand in the market. AKKO has been a leading brand in the industry that has regularly updated its catalog with new and unique themed keyboards. Today, AKKO has added a new designer theme-based keyboard to its catalog, presenting you all the AKKO 5108B Kuromi edition keyboard. AKKO has usually designed its keyboard based on the One-Piece anime theme, Cinnamoroll-theme, this latest 5108B Kuromi keyboard is based on the cute and elegant Kuromi kitty theme. Kuromi refers to a character on the "Hello Kitty" TV show.

AKKO 5108B Kuromi-1

AKKO 5108B Kuromi is a full-sized mechanical keyboard with triple connection modes. It supports high-speed Wireless 2.4GHz, Wireless Bluetooth 5.0, and Wired USB Type-C connections supporting a variety of devices straight out of the box. The keyboard uses premium JDA profile PBT material keycaps. They are not only durable but also have a rich finish to them. The keyboard has a combination of three colors for the theme, elegant white, sweet purple, and lovely pink. AKKO has featured Kuromi design elements on both the keyboard chassis and the keycaps.

AKKO 5108B Kuromi-2

AKKO 5108B Kuromi keyboard features a full-key hot-swappable design on the PCB plate. The switches here can be replaced easily by simply pulling the old ones out and putting the new ones in their place. The keyboard supports both 3-pin and 5-pin switches making it compatible with most switches on the market. AKKO 5108B Kuromi has a non-conflict operation. Users can type quickly on the keyboard and it won’t miss any keypress or ghost any input.

AKKO 5108B Kuromi-4

The 5108B Kuromi has a bright multi-color RGB backlight. With multiple effects pre-built into the keyboard, Users can choose the backlight effects to their liking. These can be switched easily using the AKKO Cloud driver software. The keyboard also has hardware keys for easy switching backlight effects. AKKO states the keyboard has long battery life.

AKKO 5108B Kuromi-3

5108B has previously got different editions too like the recently launched 20th Anniversary Cinnamoroll edition, etc. 

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