DAREU Announces A98 Master Adjustable Gasket Mounted Keyboard With New Kailh Master Switches

DAREU is a well-established PC peripheral brand from China. They are quite active in the industry with regular updates and new releases in different categories including mechanical keyboards and gaming mice. Today, DAREU has unveiled its brand new upcoming mechanical keyboard, the DAREU A98 Master. A98 Master is a multi-level master keyboard, a special variant to the classic A98 keyboard from Dareu. It features an adjustable Gasket Structure. The softness and hardness of this Gasket structure can be adjusted according to needs and requirements. DAREU has also worked closely with Kailh to develop new Master Switches specially developed for the A98 Master.

DAREU A98 Master will be officially released on 29th July. You will be able to grab one from us, so stay tuned with us for more information.

DAREU A98 Master-1

The new DAREU A98 Master will be launched in three color options, White-Blue, White-Black, and Black-Blue. DAREU A98 Master is a premium-grade mechanical keyboard. It has a Gasket mounted structure with a special adjustable design. It allows for custom-adjustment of typing comfort. As for the current mainstream features, the DAREU A98 Master adopts PCB single-key slotting that improves the consistency of the typing on the keyboard. Dareu has designed the A98 Master with a six-layered sound and shock-absorbing design ensuring great comfort while typing. It has three-mode connectivity support making it versatile for different devices. The A98 Master also features a dynamic RGB backlight with south-facing RGB LEDs.

DAREU A98 Master-2

Kailh and DAREU have collectively designed new Master switches for the A98 Master. The switches will also be released separately. These adopt an extended core to bottom out in advance and provide satisfying typing feedback. With a pre-travel of 2.0mm and a total key-stroke of 3.4mm, the Master switches offer stable and consistent feedback. The trigger force is 35±5gf and bottoming force is 50±5gf. Kailh has designed these with factory-extended double-section long-spring for a satisfying quick rebound. The upper and bottom covers are made up of high-quality POM self-lubricating material. The core of the Master switches is made up of POK material, newly developed by Kailh. This not only helps in providing a silky smooth typing experience but also has a long durability of up to 70 million keystrokes.

DAREU A98 Master along with the new Kailh x DAREU Master switches will be officially launched on 29th July. Get the best experience while typing with the all-new DAREU A98 Master keyboard with full control over the softness or hardness of the gasket structure. Stay tuned with us for more information.

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