WAIZOWL OGM Pro Feather Three-Mode Wireless Mouse

WAIZOWL is a relatively new name in the Gaming Peripheral market. The brand is known for its high-quality PC peripherals such as gaming mice, mechanical keyboards, & keycaps. Among their wide catalog of products, the OGM Pro wireless gaming mouse is a widely recognized product. Today, WAIZOWL has released a new variant for this high-performance mouse, introducing the WAIZOWL OGM Pro Feather mouse. It has all the features of the OG model but with improved performance with the new Surpass Wireless Technology. It has comfortable aesthetics just like the OG model and also has a new textured finish with a semi-transparent shell design. With advanced functions such as Surpass Wireless Technology, PAW flagship sensor, and a nicely textured finish, get an amazing experience with the WAIZOWL OGM Pro Feather wireless mouse. 

WAIZOWL OGM Pro Feather-1

WAIZOWL OGM Pro Feather mouse is launched officially for 125.99$. You can check out more details here.

The OGM Pro Feather mouse has a Feather coating on the surface of the mouse shell. It provides a delicate skin-like texture that is comforting to touch and provides excellent anti-sweat, wear-resistant, and anti-slippery properties to the mouse. The OGM Pro Feather is designed in an ergonomic shape that helps in providing a comfortable grip to people with small and medium-sized hands.

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OGM Pro Feather mouse houses the flagship PAW3395 gaming sensor at its core. It provides exceptional performance with fast tracking, precise accuracy, and smoother overall performance. PAW3395 is a highly-sensitive sensor that has a maximum resolution of 26000DPI, maximum tracking of 650IPS, and a fast acceleration speed of 50G. The mouse adopts high-quality Huano micro-motion switches which promise a silky smooth clicking experience. The switches are rated for a long lifespan of up to 80 million clicks. Get a satisfying clicking experience and ultra-precise accuracy with the OGM Pro.

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WAIZOWL OGM Pro Feather mouse has a three-mode connectivity feature. It has the brand’s self-designed SURPASS Technology that provides stable and lag-free wireless connectivity with the source device. The mouse houses a 300mAh battery that provides an extended battery life of up to 125 hours while using Bluetooth and up to 66 hours in wireless 2.4GHz mode. WAIZOWL OGM Pro Feather is a versatile mouse that brings many advanced features to the table. You can easily use the mouse with different source devices and enjoy it for gaming or for casual office use as well. The OGM Pro Feather is launched officially for 125.99$, check out more information here.

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