DAREU Introduces A980 Pro and A980 Pro Max Wireless 4K and Wired 8K Gaming Mice

DAREU revolutionized the way we play with the launch of the A980 high-end gaming mouse last year. The mouse coffered high-end features in a versatile and compact aesthetics and offers an astonishing 8K return rate. The only takeaway with the A980 was its wired connectivity, that took away the benefits of its lightweight design as well. Today, DAREU has unveiled the next product in its lineup, the DAREU A980 Pro and A980 Pro Max. These two mice not only have the comfortable ergonomics of the A980, but also take its performance to the next level with Starlight wireless connectivity, magnesium alloy buttons, lightweight design, and promises pixel-precise accuracy as well with its flagship PAW3395 sensor.

DAREU A980 Pro-1

The primary update on the A980 Pro and A980 Pro Max is the inclusion of Wireless connectivity. They support wireless 2.4GHz mode with Starlight technology offering excellent performance with 4K return rate support in wireless mode. Starlight Nearlink technology offers excellent wireless operation with 4000hz return rate. In Wired mode, you experience the ultra-fast 8000Hz return rate just like the OG A980 Mouse. The A980 Pro doesn’t have the TFT colourful display screen, while the A980 Pro Max still retains that feature. DAREU has also worked on the internals replacing the NXP LPC5516 main control chipset with the Huawei HiSilicone SLE05 chipset that provides three-mode wireless connectivity, efficient battery life and consistent performance.

DAREU A980 Pro-2

Just like the DAREU A980, the latest A980 Pro and A980 Pro Max come equipped with a high-end PAW3395 optical sensor. It offers a silky smooth tracking performance with pixel-precise accuracy. They have a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI with a tracking speed of up to 650IPS. DAREU has featured Kailh GM8.0 micro motion switches for a comfortable clicking experience. DAREU has designed both the A980 Pro and A980 Pro Max with high-quality magnesium alloy buttons. The Mg-Al material is light in weight and excellent in durability and build structure. It noticeably brings the weight of the mouse quite low with the A980 Pro weighing in at just 62 grams and the A980 Pro Max at just 73 grams respectively. These are noticeably lighter than the A980 which weighs approx 93 grams. The latest A980 Pro and A980 Pro Max doesn't have the M-shaped RGB light of the A980 model.

DAREU A980 Pro-3

As mentioned above, The DAREU A980 Pro drops on the TFT Colorful display screen as found on the A980, the A980 Pro Max still retains it and its full functionality as well. This screen is quite versatile and offers great customization options to the users such as static images, animated GIFs, and more. Both the A980 Pro and A980 Pro Max pack a large-sized battery that promises excellent battery life. The A980 Pro has a 500mAh battery while the Pro Max houses a 930mAh battery. DAREU A980 Pro has a battery life of up to 70 hours(1K return rate) and 40 hours(4K) and the A980 Pro Max has a battery life of up to 130(1K)/75(4K) hours.

DAREU A980 Pro-4

DAREU A980 Pro and A980 Pro Max will soon be available with us soon, price and more information will be updated shortly, stay tuned with us for the latest updates.

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