MCHOSE K87 Three-Mode Gasket Mounted RGB Keyboard

MCHOSE has been a prominent name in the PC Peripheral market. They are known for their exclusive range of mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, etc. The recent launch of the MCHOSE A5 Ultra gaming mice is getting a lot of traction for its premium performance at affordable prices. Today, we are delighted to launch a brand-new high-end keyboard from the house of MCHOSE, presenting you with the all-new MCHOSE K87. MCHOSE K87 is an 80% TKL keyboard with an 87-key layout arrangement. The keyboard has everything you might expect from a high-end keyboard, including Gasket mounted structure design, multi-layered internal padding, RGB Backlight, RGB Strip light, premium quality mechanical switches, hot-swappable sockets, etc. MCHOSE K87 is launched officially starting at $75.99. It is available in four striking color options with OEM height and OEM Height Side-Engraved Keycaps.


MCHOSE has carefully designed the K87 as a premium segment keyboard while keeping the cost in control. Internally, it is designed with top-quality components including single-key slotted PCB, gasket-mounted structure design, and six-layered internal padding. The internal padding consists of IXPE Undershaft padding, Poron Sandwich cotton padding, etc. This internal arrangement ensures a comfortable, flexible typing with pure sound and a smoother feel. The K87 also has a metallic nameplate that adds to its premium and rich looks and also acts as a weight to balance the keyboard.

MCHOSE K87 has a surrounding RGB arrangement. There is an RGB backlight and also an RGB strip wrapped around the keyboard chassis. It creates the perfect RGB atmosphere for your gaming setup. MCHOSE has made the K87 available in a bunch of color options. The Black color comes with OEM height Side-Engraved keycaps while the other colors have OEM height normally printed keycaps. MCHOSE K87 comes bundled with high-quality customized switches, enthusiasts can also replace the switches as the keyboard supports Hot-Swappable sockets.


MCHOSE K87 houses a large 6000mAh battery that provides an exceptionally solid backup. It supports three-mode connectivity supporting wireless 2.4GHz, wireless Bluetooth, and wired USB Type-C connection modes. The K87 supports both Windows and Mac systems with easy switching between them. With a whooping 6000mAh battery, we are good to go for days without worrying about the battery running out at all.


MCHOSE K87 is a wonderful keyboard, it is compact, it is full of features, and the beautiful RGB elements on the chassis are worth noting. We are super excited for the MCHOSE K87, are you?? It starts for just $75.99; you can check out more details here.

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