DAREU Introduces Z10 Donut: Beautifully Designed Three-Mode Connection Wireless Mouse

DAREU is on a roll, just a few days back they announced the beautiful Z82 combo consisting of a sugar cube mechanical keyboard, a wireless mouse, a palm rest, and a mouse mat. Today, DAREU has announced a brand new three-mode wireless mouse, the DAREU Z10 Donut. The name says it all about this beautifully crafted mouse. It actually looks like a donut, it has a hole at the center just like our tasty donuts. It actually is the same mouse that DAREU bundles in the Z82 Combo but without those printed keys. Z10 Donut’s cute little form factor and look match the Sugar Cube keyboard perfectly.


DAREU Z10 Donut is officially released for just 49.99$, in two stunning color options, pink and beige white, know more here.

DAREU Z10 Donut offers three-mode connections for easy connectivity. It includes Wired USB Type-C, high-speed Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wireless Bluetooth connectivity. It can be connected to multiple devices while using Bluetooth connection mode. With its three-mode connectivity, the DAREU Z10 is highly compatible with most of today’s devices that include laptops, PCs, etc. DAREU has designed it to work closely with the Sugar Cube mechanical keyboard. One can hold down the Fn button on the side of the mouse and combine different function keys greatly improving your work efficiency with proper usage.


DAREU Z10 Donut weighs just only 60grams. It can be used for long hours without any discomfort. Despite its Q-hole DONUT Shape, The Z10 is very comfortable to hold. Z10 Donut uses quiet switches for an easy user experience even at the office and adopts a precise 1200dpi sensor for high-speed tracking.

DAREU Z10 Donut is released officially for just 49.99$. Know more information here.

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