Rapoo Releases MT510 Pro 75% Compact Mechanical Keyboard With Unique Sea Breeze Design Theme

Let’s take a long breath in the cool sea breeze with the all-new 75% compact mechanical keyboard, the RAPOO MT510 Pro. Rapoo related it to the sea breeze as the keyboard shares its design theme with marine elements bringing an all-new experience for the users. RAPOO MT510 Pro has got a classy look with its lovely blue backlight, its CNC machined aluminum alloy frame, and its unique design theme on the PBT keycaps. The MT510 Pro checks every feature for a premium mechanical keyboard including Triple Connection mode, Dye-Sublimed PBT Keycaps, Premium Mechanical Switches, Etc. Bring home the all-new Rapoo MT510 Pro home today and prepare yourself for a journey across the sea breeze!!

Rapoo MT510 Pro-1

Rapoo MT510 Pro is launched officially for just 79.99$, you can check out more information over here.

MT510 Pro provides full freedom to its users to connect with a source of their choice. The keyboard here supports triple connection modes including Wireless Bluetooth V5.0/V3.0, Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. While using the MT510 Pro via Bluetooth connection, you will be able to connect the keyboard with up to 5 sources with quick switching between them. Triple Connection Modes make the MT510 Pro a highly-versatile mechanical keyboard where it supports Laptops, PCs, Smartphones, Tablets, etc.

Rapoo MT510 Pro-2

Rapoo takes you on a beautiful sea breeze ride with its five-sided dye sublimed designer theme-based keycaps on the MT510 Pro. The brand has used marine elements such as the azure horn, fish, etc on the main keys like Enter Key, Shift Key, Spacebar Key, etc. The keyboard speaks with its beautiful keycaps and its sweet color tone. It also has an Ice Blue colored backlight that has 7 pre-built lightning effects.

Rapoo MT510 Pro-3

Rapoo MT510 Pro mechanical keyboard uses their in-house developed high-speed silver linear mechanical switches. They offer smooth operation with a soft trigger response. Rapoo has specially designed these switches for proper day-to-day usage. Their fast trigger response keeps you ahead of your competition while the smooth linear operation gives you perfectly silenced keystrokes making the keyboard an ideal choice for offices.

Rapoo MT510 Pro boasts elegant looks with its exquisite finish. Rapoo has treated the MT510 Pro with a nicely-polished CNC machined aluminum alloy frame. Complementing the frame are the dye-sublimed PBT material keycaps, a complete package!! The keyboard itself has a compact 75% layout bringing you the perfect balance between functionality and compactness!!

Rapoo MT510 Pro-4

Rapoo has priced the MT510 Pro quite attractively at just 79.99$, bring home the MT510 Pro Today and give your PC Setup an elegant present!!!

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