DAREU Releases Its Latest Wireless Gaming Controller: Meet the DAREU H101

DAREU is a premium high-quality computer peripherals brand based out of China. They have a huge collection of products that includes high-quality mechanical keyboards and mice. DAREU has got a special design team for high-quality gaming accessories. Among their collection, they offer a wide range of gaming keyboards and gaming mice. Today, DAREU has released a wireless gaming controller, the DAREU H101.

DAREU H101-1

To make you competitive on every platform, The DAREU H101 has got Wireless Bluetooth connection supporting multiple devices including PC, Nintendo Switch, Android TVs, Smartphones, etc.  It offers you plug and play functionality, whether it is with a full-screen entertainment system or just with a handheld gaming device, the H101 connects with them and offers you full functionality. Be the good competition that brings you ahead in your gaming avatar.

DAREU H101-2

DAREU H101 wireless gamepad is equipped with a six-axis gyroscope sensor. It accurately transforms the somatosensory actions in FPS and Racing games, offering a new immersive control experience while you game. Play your favorite FPS and racing games and simply control the motion with the movement of your controller. The left and right grips are designed with asymmetrical dual-vibration motors, again contributing to creating an immersive gaming experience for the users.

DAREU H101-3

DAREU H101 supports one-button wake-up with the Home Key. It also helps you in remotely controlling the device. DAREU has carefully designed each button on the H101 wireless gaming pad. They have a smooth, anti-slip finish with a sweat-proof design for better durability. DAREU H101 wireless gamepad will hit the international markets soon!!


>Wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

>Multi-device support.

>Six-axis Gyroscope sensor.

>One-key wakeup.

>Immersive controls with dual vibration motors per side.

>Comfortable control with a comfortable grip.

>Anti-slip & Sweat-proof grip.

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