Darmoshark Introduces M2 DAREO 4K Wireless Gaming Mice With Ultralight weight Mg-Al Body

Darmoshark brings us the lightest wireless gaming mice with 4K return rate support, meet the all-new Darmoshark M2 Dareo 4K. This mouse not only features high-end core components but also has brilliantly designed lightweight ergonomics made precisely with Mg-Al alloy material. It has two different variants, M2 Air and normal M2. The M2 Air weighs only 36 grams while the M2 normal weighs approx 39-40 grams only. Equipped with high-end core components including the PAW3395 sensor, the NORDIC 52840 main control chipset, the mouse offers excellent performance for the users. Darmoshark M2 DAREO 4K is loaded with features and still comes easy on the pocket, it is available for just $107.99, check out more details here.

Darmoshark M2 DAREO 4K-1

Darmoshark M2 Dareo 4K series mice are crafted beautifully using high-quality Mg-Al alloy material. The Magnesium-aluminum alloy provides a solid and robust build structure to the mouse with lightweight aesthetics. it is one of the biggest reasons behind the science of ultra-lightweight design of the M2 DAREO 4K mice. Yes the mice is ultra-light in weight. It’s like a feather, and probably the lightest 4k Wireless gaming mice currently available in the market. It comes in two variants, the M2 Air variant weighs in at just 36 grams while the standard M2 DAREO mice weigh 39 grams only.

Darmoshark M2 DAREO 4K-2

At the heart of the M2 DAREO 4K mice, Darmoshark has equipped the mice with the NORDIC52840 main control chipset. It offers better power management greatly improving the battery life of the mice and also enables 4K wireless connectivity on the mice. As it might be aware from the name, the Darmoshark M2 DAREO 4K mice support a 4000Hz return rate. It actually comes with a 4K receiver in the pack itself. Darmoshark says after a firmware upgrade the mice can also support up to 8K return rate. 4K return rate makes the M2 DAREO 4 times faster than standard gaming mice in the market, offering smoother tracking and quicker response time.

Darmoshark M2 DAREO 4K mice house flagship-level PAW3395 optical sensor with a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI. It promises silky-smooth tracking and offers a lag-free user experience. PAW3395 is actually a highly regarded sensor which is featured in almost all the high-end gaming mice today in the market. It is well-known for its tracking accuracy and precision. The PAW3395 also has 650IPS tracking speed and 50g acceleration speed as well.

Darmoshark M2 DAREO 4K-3

Darmoshark has equipped the M2 DAREO 4K mice with TTC micro-movement switches and TTC scroll wheel encoder. The micro-movement switches offer a clicky, smooth feedback with a quick and satisfying rebound. They are highly durable as well. Moreover, The TTC scroll wheel encoder offers accurate scroll wheel movement with full control in the hands of the users. It is a great combo to have high-quality micro-motion switches along with that high-quality Scroll wheel encoder for quick and accurate inputs.

Darmoshark M2 DAREO 4K-4

Darmoshark M2 DAREO 4K mice come equipped with a 300mAh battery that provides up to 84 hours of durability with a full charge in 1K operating mode. Even in 4K high-speed operating mode, your mice will last for up to 25 hours with a full charge. Darmoshark M2 DAREO 4K is a complete mouse. It is ultra-light in weight, it is equipped with top-quality hardware, and it offers exciting performance as well, all this at an attractive price tag of just $107.99. You can order yours with us here.

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