FaZe Clan x Ducky Creates A Special Edition One 3 Mini Mechanical Keyboard

Ducky in collaboration with FaZe Clan, a well-known professional esports team from North America has announced a new variant for their latest One 3 Mini Mechanical Keyboard. The Ducky One 3 Mini is a 60% ultra-compact yet highly versatile mechanical keyboard that has previously got multiple different variants like the One 3 Mini Yellow, One 3 Mini Daybreak, etc. FaZe Clan is a well-reputed professional esports team that participates in professional esports events worldwide. For this latest collaboration, they have chosen the latest from the Ducky’s lineup and both the parties have given the keyboard a unique and classy look.

Ducky One 3 Mini x FaZe Clan-1

Ducky x FaZe Clan One 3 Mini keyboard has got a brand new full black look with a transparent shell and semi-transparent keycaps. This enables the backlight on the One 3 Mini to come out beautifully and creates an atmosphere while you game. The entire color scheme of the keyboard is set to be black with a semi-transparent design. The keyboard features logos of Ducky & FaZe Clan printed on the shell. Faze Clan branding is also done on some of the keycaps especially the keyboard has got a beautiful striped pattern that really glows up with the backlight.

Ducky One 3 Mini x FaZe Clan-2

Ducky One 3 Mini presents you with top-quality components in an ultra-compact form factor. The keyboard houses many advanced features including custom stabilizers, silicone padded structure, hot-swappable PCB design, full RGB backlight pattern, etc. While the FaZe Clan collaborated One 3 Mini will be exclusive to their stores, we have the other two variants of the One 3 Mini, the One 3 Mini Yellow, and the One 3 Mini Daybreak. Feel free to check them out in our store!!

Ducky One 3 Mini x FaZe Clan-3

Features of Ducky One 3 Mini Keyboards:-

>True PBT Material Keycaps.

>Premium Switches.

>Optimised Construction For Better Stability.

>Multi-Layered Padding To Improve Sound.

>Hot-Swappable Switch Design.

>Detachable USB Type-C Cable.

>Dual-Layered PCB.

>Two-Step Keyboard Feet.

>Sleek Bezel Design.

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