DAREU Announces New Purple Gold Tactile Mechanical Switches

DAREU has just introduced a brand new tactile mechanical switch in its ever-growing catalog of premium products. They have developed a Purple Gold switch that adopts a Brown switch-like tactile feel and soft sound. They have brought a new upgrade to the stem of the switch, have given better lubing inside, and retreated the stem movement reducing the shaking and vibration of the switch stem. The purple gold switch upgrades the way we enjoy our mechanical keyboard with a smooth tactile feel and a soft sound with every single keypress.

DAREU Purple Gold Switches-1

The new Purple Gold switches from DAREU have a triggering force of about 45±8gf. They take about 55±8gf force for bottoming. The actuation point is at 2.1±0.3mm with a total key travel of about 3.8±0.2mm. DAREU has designed the switch with a newly upgraded precision mold cavity structure and gold-plated springs. They not only have a smooth operation feel but also have an improved life span of up to 80 million keystrokes.

DAREU Purple Gold Switches-2

DAREU Purple Gold switches have got a fully transparent PC(PolyCarbonate) material outer cover with a purple base. The stem is in yellow color, the combination looks beautiful and the feel of these switches is just smooth and soft. DAREU has also designed a new Keyboard using the latest Purple Gold switches, the A87 Pro triple-mode mechanical keyboard. They will be officially releasing both the Purple Gold Switches and the A87 Pro Mechanical Keyboard on 14th May 2022 on offline physical stores. You can check out other products from DAREU available with us at the best prices online, check them out here.

DAREU Purple Gold Switches-3


>Smooth, Tactile typing feel.

>Soft acoustics.

>Gold-plated spring.

>Fully transparent PC material cover.

>Purple-colored base.

>Highly durable (80million keystrokes).

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