Filco Launched Majestouch 3 Metal SUS Edge Mechanical Keyboard

In a move set to excite enthusiasts and professionals alike, Filco has announced the launch of the Majestouch 3 Metal SUS Edge mechanical keyboard. This latest addition to their esteemed lineup represents a significant upgrade over its predecessor, the 2S Metal SUS Edge, promising enhanced durability, performance, and an unparalleled typing experience.

The hallmark of the Majestouch 3 Metal SUS Edge lies in its meticulous design and premium materials. Continuing the tradition of its predecessor, this keyboard features a striking brushed stainless steel panel, crafted from the robust SUS304HL stainless steel material, measuring 2mm thick. However, what sets it apart is the integration of 13 new metal spacers within the chassis. These spacers serve to mitigate finger impact, offering users a more comfortable and fatigue-free typing experience even during extended sessions.

Measuring at 450 x 282 x 50mm and weighing 3.1 kg, the Majestouch 3 Metal SUS Edge exudes a sense of sturdiness and reliability. It's a keyboard built to withstand the rigors of daily use without compromising on performance. Underneath its sleek exterior, the keyboard houses a range of Cherry MX switches, including silent red switches, green switches, brown switches, and quicksilver mechanical switches. This variety ensures that users can tailor their typing experience to suit their preferences, whether they prioritize tactile feedback or prefer a quieter operation.

Furthermore, the Majestouch 3 Metal SUS Edge boasts PBT keycaps, known for their durability and resistance to wear, ensuring that the legends remain clear and crisp even after prolonged use. For connectivity, the keyboard is equipped with a USB-A interface, providing seamless compatibility with a wide range of devices. Additionally, Filco has included a P/S 2 adapter, catering to users who prefer a more traditional connection method.

Commenting on the launch, a spokesperson for Filco expressed enthusiasm about the Majestouch 3 Metal SUS Edge, stating, "With the Majestouch 3 Metal SUS Edge, we aimed to push the boundaries of durability and performance in mechanical keyboards. We believe that the integration of premium materials and innovative features will redefine the typing experience for our users, whether they're gaming, coding, or typing up documents."

The release of the Majestouch 3 Metal SUS Edge reaffirms Filco's commitment to delivering high-quality peripherals that cater to the needs of discerning users. With its blend of durability, performance, and aesthetic appeal, this mechanical keyboard is poised to make waves in the market and solidify Filco's position as a leader in the industry.

As the Majestouch 3 Metal SUS Edge hits the shelves, enthusiasts and professionals alike eagerly anticipate experiencing the fusion of style and substance that Filco has meticulously crafted into this latest offering.

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