Five Upgrades With All-New KZZI K75 Upgraded 75% Three-Mode RGB Keyboard

KZZI has released an upgraded variant to its highly-acclaimed K75 compact 75% mechanical keyboard, they have named this one the KZZI K75 Upgraded Version. The upgraded version is based on the same design and layout as the OG version but features five major upgrades that greatly enhance the user experience with the keyboard. The keyboard still has a colorful, dynamic build structure, compact 75% layout, three-mode connectivity, USB expansion slot, LED power indicator display screen, dual-tone injection molded PBT keycaps, etc as the main features. When it comes to upgrades, the new K75 Upgraded version brings in five major upgrades including newer POM material mechanical switches, better connectivity now offering low-latency gaming mode, upgraded gasket structure, south-facing LEDs for brighter backlight, and single-slotted PCB for improved build structure.

KZZI K75 Upgraded Variant-1

KZZI K75 Upgraded version is launched in four stunning color options, priced at 119.99$. Check out more details here.

The biggest upgrade with the K75 Upgraded variant is the new single-slotted PCB socket design. Each and every single key on the keyboard has now got independent slots on the PCB board. This has brought improvements in the gasket structure of the keyboard with more elasticity. The overall typing experience is now more comfortable and engaging. KZZI has equipped the new K75 Upgraded variant with a custom-designed chipset. This enhances power management with great accuracy and has a more accurate power display as well.

KZZI K75 Upgraded Variant-2

KZZI K75 Upgraded variant also gets an improvement in terms of mechanical switches. KZZI has equipped the keyboard with newly-developed POM material Meet mechanical switches. They have a self-lubricating POM material top and bottom cover. The stem core of the switch is made up of high-quality LY material. The Meet switches have extremely smooth typing with a quick rebound for satisfying feedback. They have a light guide column for the RGB backlight on the keyboard. The RGB on the keyboard is also enhanced with south-facing LEDs. As we all know South Facing LEDs are better as they produce a brighter, more vivid backlight. K75 Upgraded variant has brighter and more engaging RGB backlight all thanks to new south-facing LEDs on the keyboard.

KZZI K75 Upgraded Variant-3

KZZI K75 Upgraded variant also has dual-mode operation easily selectable via the driver software. You get office and game usage modes with the gaming mode getting faster, smoother operation with a low latency of 3ms. KZZI K75 Upgraded variant has all these above-mentioned upgrades over the already successful 75% compact frame of the K75. The K75 Upgraded Variant is priced at 119.99$, refer here for more information.

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