CoolKiller CK Spring Series Brand New Compact Three-Mode Gasket Mounted Mechanical Keyboards

CoolKiller is an emerging name in the Mechanical Keyboard industry. The brand has a wide catalog of mechanical keyboards with unique design themes and advanced features. Quite recently, CoolKiller has introduced its latest series of mechanical keyboards, introducing the CoolKiller Spring Series. With a fun and exciting design theme, the Spring Series from CoolKiller has got three products, the Spring CK68, the Spring CK75, and the Spring CK98. As you might guess, these numbers depict the layout for the respective keyboards. The CK68 refers to a 65% ultra-compact keyboard, the CK75 is a 75% compact TKL keyboard, and the CK98 is a compact 90% keyboard.

CoolKiller CK Spring Series-1

CoolKiller CK Spring series starts at 129.99$ for the CK68 model and goes as high as 169.99$ for the CK98 variant. Check out more information here.

The main attraction of the CoolKiller Spring series will be its unique and elegant design theme. The theme reflects soothing, elegant colors that match the essence of the Spring season. The CK68 is designed with a 69-key arrangement, the CK75 has an 80-key arrangement, and the CK98 has a 97-key arrangement. One can choose an appropriate layout based on your usage requirements. The CK Spring Series features a gasket mounted structure design with silicon padding for a comfortable and silent typing experience. CoolKiller has featured self-developed CSA V3 profile PBT material keycaps. They have a ladder key layout with five height levels. The keycaps have an arc shape at the top that conforms to finger pressing.

CoolKiller CK Spring Series-2

CoolKiller CK Spring Series keyboards are equipped with newly-developed Meowth mechanical switches. They have silky smooth linear actuation and offer a durable lifespan of 50 million clicks. Users also get an option to change the switches as the keyboard supports hot-swappable sockets. The 65% and 98% variants of the CoolKiller Spring series feature a dynamic customizable display screen. This screen can be customized easily using the driver software to showcase different settings or animated Gifs. The display is not available there on the 75% variant.

CoolKiller CK Spring Series-3

All three CoolKiller Spring series models support versatile three-mode connectivity. They have full support for Bluetooth V5.1, Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired USB Type-C options. You can connect the keyboards with multiple sources including Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS devices. The Spring Series starts at 129.99$, feel free to check out more information here.

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