FL-ESPORTS CMK68-SAM: An Ultra-Compact 65% Keyboard With Hot-Swappable PCB

We all need a premium 65% ultra-compact mechanical keyboard in our life. They just save us desk space while giving us good functionality of Alphanumeric Keys, also these are the shortest form factor to house the arrow keys. Today, FL-Esports has released a brand new 65% compact keyboard, the FL-Esports CMK68-SAM. In terms of its design and presentation, the latest CMK68-SAM is very much identical to the recently launched CMK98 keyboard. FL-Esports has designed the CMK68 using a 68-key layout arranged on a high-quality ABS chassis and a complementing Metal Counterweight. The 68-key CMK68-SAM is priced at just 99$, you can check out more details on our product page here.


FL-Esports CMK68 houses high-quality dual-tone injection-molded PBT Keycaps. The keyboard here has got a beautiful color combination of Blue, Red, and White keycaps. They have an FSA profile with a slope at the top for a comfortable typing experience, your fingers will just sit on these keycaps so comfortably that you enjoy typing every time with the CMK68-SAM.. Underneath these beautiful keycaps, we get a hot-swappable PCB. The keyboard comes stock with Kalih Box and Cherry MX switch options. With the hot-swappable PCB, the CMK68 supports the DIY community allowing users to switch the Switches as per their liking and requirements. The keyboard supports both three-pin and five-pin switches.

CMK68-SAM mechanical keyboard has got FL-CMK custom stabilizers with high-precision smoothness and factory adjusted lubrication. The keyboard offers a smooth keypress with no wobbling with any key. With these customized stabilizers there is no wobbling tie any key on the keyboard, and the key-press is registered successfully.  The keyboard also has two shock-absorbing silicone pads to reduce the pressure on the keyboard cavity. This not only enhances the stable performance of the keyboard but also improves its acoustics performance with a simple and soft sound.


CMK68-SAM keyboard has three-mode connection support. It supports Wireless Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity, Wireless 2.4GHz connectivity, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. The FL-Esports CMK68-SAM keyboard can be connected to multiple devices including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS devices, etc. The keyboard has a single key to toggle between MAC and Windows mode.CMK68-SAM has got a full RGB backlight design. Users can adjust the lightning effects and create macros using the custom FL-ESPORTS software.


FL-ESPORTS CMK68-SAM keyboard has got full-key non-conflict design. Multiple keystrokes can be processed synchronously without any ghosting or lag issues. This helps in improving our speed as working and we can enter multiple key at once. FL-ESPORTS CMK68 Mechanical Keyboard brings us high-quality features at a pocket-friendly price. The CMK68-SAM compact 65% keyboard is priced at 99$, you can check out more details here.


>Beautiful design, smooth ergonomics.

>Lightweight ABS frame with Metal counterweight.

>Compact 65% form factor.

>Hot-swappable PCB design.

>Smooth performance with high-quality stabilizers.

>Dual-tone injection-molded PBT Keycaps.

>FSA profile PBT Keycaps.

>Full 16.8 million color RGB backlight design.

>Adjustable lightning effects and create Macros using Custom software.

>Triple mode connection.

>Multiple device support with seamless switching.

>One-Key toggle between Mac and Windows systems.

Technical Specs:-

>No. Of Keys: 68.

>Form Factor: 65%.

>Dimensions: 347x123.6x41.6mm.

>Price: 99$.

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