Logitech MX Master 3S: Advanced Office Mouse With Ultra-Fast Sensor & Magnetic Speed Rollers

Logitech will be soon coming up with an update on its MX Master series of advanced office computer mice. They will be soon announcing the MX Master 3S, an upgrade over the current MX Master 3 with a new and updated list of features. MX Master series of computer peripherals are designed by Logitech for advanced office use. These are designed to work on all surfaces whether it be Glass, Cloth, or Table. Logitech is going to bring several new updates to the latest MX Master 3S including a sensor upgrade quieter keys, and more. MX Master 3S is supposed to be launched at around 150 Euros price.

Logitech MX Master 3S-1

The primary upgrade that MX Master 3S will bring to the series will be a higher-resolution tracking optical sensor. It will be equipped with “8K” sensors, allowing it to operate at 8000 DPI super high-speed. Further claims from various sources suggest that Logitech has equipped the MX Master 3S with new buttons. They have drastically reduced the Button noises by up to 90%. This will improve the usability of mice in quieter office environments. Apart from these two new features, a faster sensor, and quieter switches, other features on the MX Master 3S are said to be the same as the previous models.

Logitech MX Master 3S-2

MX Master 3S will share an ultra-high-speed rolling scroll wheel with magnetic speed rollers. They will allow you to scroll through thousands of rows with a single scroll. The mouse houses a secondary scroll wheel that can be assigned to multiple functions including zoom, switching the tabs, etc. It also houses multiple forward and back buttons as well as a sensor resolution cycling button. MX Master 3S has a USB Type-C port on the front for charging the mouse. The mouse can be connected to multiple devices with a seamless one key toggle button available at the bottom. There is no information about the availability of the MX Master 3S, although it is expected to launch soon with a price of around 150 euros. Do note that this is an expected price based on current information available through various sources, it might change upon the launch.

Logitech MX Master 3S-3

MX Master 3S Upgrades Over MX Master 3:-

>Quieter switches, up to 90% quieter operation than MX Master 3.

>Newer Sensor. MX Master 3S houses a faster sensor with 8000DPI resolution.

>Design and build is identical to the MX Master 3.


Expected to be somewhere around 150 Euros.

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