FL-ESPORTS FL-750 SAM 75% Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard

Today, We have got a brand new 75% mechanical keyboard from FL-ESPORTS, a premium computer peripheral brand from China. The brand is known for its outstanding range of mechanical keyboards available in different layouts and form factors. The latest launched FL-750 SAM is a compact 75% keyboard with an 83-key layout. FL-ESPORTS has designed the latest keyboard with a gasket-mounted structure. It also has an ISSP Silicone-padded structure. FL-ESPORTS has used factory-lubricated stabilizers for the FL750 SAM mechanical keyboard. It is launched officially at an attractive price of just 79$.


FL-ESPORTS has designed the internals of the FL750 SAM mechanical keyboard with a gasket-mounted structure that effectively reduces the sound resonance and also provides a smoother user experience. The keyboard gets an aluminum positioning plate that makes the keystrokes sound crisp. FL750 SAM also gets a silicone-padded structure where the brand has used a shock-absorbing and noise-absorbing pad between the PCB and the plate. Each switch has also got its own padded structure. The bottom side also houses high-density sound-absorbing cotton to reduce the sharpness produced by keystrokes.


FL-ESPORTS FL750 SAM keyboard supports triple connection modes. The keyboard supports Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired USB Type-C connections. FL750 SAM can be connected with multiple devices at once using a Bluetooth connection and the source device can be easily switched. It supports multiple systems including both Windows and macOS devices. Users can switch between different operating systems using just a single key.


FL750 SAM is a compact 75% mechanical keyboard designed with a full-RGB backlit design. The keyboard offers multiple backlight effects that users can adjust using the Fn key combination. It is available in multiple switch options mainly from the Kalih box series. FL750 SAM is launched in two different color options, White Candy, and Black Yellow. You can check out more details here.


>Compact 75% layout.

>Stable performance with Gasket mounted structure.

>ISSP Silicone Padded Structure.

>Hot-Swappable PCB design.

>Three-connection modes.

>Full-RGB backlight.

>Customised switch options.

>Multiple system support with one-key seamless switching between them.

Technical Specifications:-

>No. Of Keys: 83.

>Layout: 75%.

>Shell material: ABS.

>Dimension: 348.8x143x40mm.

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