IQUNIX OG80 Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard Gets Two New Themes, Joy Vendor & Dark Side

IQUNIX OG80 is a fan favorite mechanical keyboard famous for its compact 80% layout and slanted Function Row Keys. IQUNIX has released the OG80 in multiple variants each one having its own design theme. This includes the beautiful OG80 Cosmic Traveller, the OG80 Wormhole, and more. Today, IQUNIX has released two new variants for the famous OG80, the OG80 Joy Vendor, and the OG80 Dark Side. They have named both the products quite nicely and even more, so they have designed them even better. The OG80 Joy Ride mechanical keyboard is here to share some joy in your life. It has a joyous theme where we get smiling emoji’s on the keycaps. Not to mention the Keyboard Chassis also get some stunning patterns. The Joy Vendor OG80 is full of life, it depicts a wonderful sense of energy with its Red and White color theme. OG80 Joy vendor is available in both the Cherry MX and the TTC switch options(Red, Blue, Gold Pink, and Speed sIlver shaft options).

IQUNIX OG80 Joy Vendor

OG80 Dark Side has got a minimalistic approach for the design of the OG80 keyboard. It gets a simple and elegant design with a transparent black chassis. OG80 actually has a very minimalistic design with a very simple presentation. You don’t get any bright colorful tones, you just get a simple black keyboard with an 80% compact layout. Full-backlit RGB design pops out beautifully on this transparent black chassis. Legends can be read pretty clearly on the Dark Side keyboard. IQUNIX has launched the OG80 Dark Side keyboard with a choice of TTC mechanical switches. They are offered in Gold Pink and Speed Silver shaft options.

IQUNIX OG80 Dark Side

Apart from the design theme difference, both the OG80 Joy Vendor and OG80 Dark Side mechanical keyboards share the same set of features. They both have hot-swappable PCB allowing users to customize their experience by changing the switches. Both the keyboards have full-key non-conflict design, triple connection modes(Bluetooth v5.1, Wireless 2.4GHz, USB Type-C), slanted Function Row keys, Key-line separation, On-Board Storage Compartment, High-quality dual-toned PBT keycaps, Robust PC(PolyCarbonate) chassis, Extended battery life with a large 4000mAh lithium-ion battery, etc. They are officially launched in two different variants, one with a full-backlit RGB design and the other without. IQUNIX OG80 Joy Vendor/Dark Side mechanical keyboards start at 199$(non-RGB) variant and the RGB Backlit variant is priced at 219$.

OG80 Joy Vendor Features:-

>Bright Red and White color theme.

>Joyful designer-themed keycaps.

>Cherry MX and TTC Mechanical Switches.

OG80 Dark Side Features:-

>Simple, Minimalistic design.

>Transparent black chassis.

>TTC mechanical switches.

Common Features:-

>Triple-Connection Mode.

>80% compact layout.

>Slanted Function Row Keys.

>Full-RGB backlit design.

>Seamless switching between devices.

>Hot Swappable PCB.

>OBSC(On-Board Storage Compartment) System.

>High-quality PBT keycaps.

>Costar style stabilizers.

>N-Key rollover.

>Detachable Type-C cable.

>Compatible With Both Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

>Long battery life with 4000mAh in-built battery.

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