Gateron Announces Limited Edition Year Of The Tiger Keycaps!!!

Gateron, commonly known for its premium mechanical switches has announced a new set of high-end keycaps. They have designed a brand new set of wonderful CNC machined Aluminum Keycaps available in two different variants. First is a standard edition with 112 keys set and another themed on the “Year Of The Tiger” theme with 115 keys. These both are a premium high-end set of keycaps designed with top-quality materials priced at 555$ for the standard 112 keys set and 645$ for the special Year Of The Tiger Edition set. You can check out more details on our product page here. The set is available for pre-order.

Gateron Year Of The Tiger Keycaps-1

Talking about the theme first, This is the Year Of The Tiger. Many brands have released several different products themed on the same. As per the Chinese mythologies, The White Tiger has been the meaning of auspiciousness and peace. The design theme of these amazing keycaps reflects that with an elegant black and golden combination.  The set not only looks elegant, but it also has a luxurious feel to it. If you buy the Year Of The Tiger Special Edition set, you will get a bunch of artistic keycaps complementing the theme. The limited-edition consists of 115 keys in the set, while the standard normal edition consists of 112 keys per set.

Gateron Year Of The Tiger Keycaps-2

The build quality of these keycaps is simply phenomenal. Gateron has designed the keycaps with high-quality aluminum alloy material. They have a CNC machined integrated molding with a single mold design. The keycaps are then finished with an anodizing process for a pure and bright finish. Gateron has kept the height of the keycaps custom for a comfortable and easy typing experience. The keycaps have a silky smooth touch feeling. They are highly durable, the legends won’t wear off easily. They come packed in a high-quality metallic carry case. The Specially designed high-end Year Of The Tiger Keycaps are available on pre-order, you can check out more details here.

Gateron Year Of The Tiger Keycaps-3


>High-end premium keycaps.

>Two variants, Standard Edition and Year Of The Tiger Limited Edition.

>CNC Integrated Molding with aluminum alloy material.

>Specially anodized finish.

>Luxurious theme with elegant colors.

>Silky and Soft touch feeling.


>Custom height.

>Comfortable For Typing.

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