Gateron Releases All-New Baby Racoon Linear Mechanical Switches

When it comes to high-quality premium mechanical switches, Gateron is counted among the top brands in the industry. They have a huge catalog of mechanical switches that are easily available worldwide. Today, Gateron adds the all-new “Baby Racoon” mechanical switches to its ever-growing catalog of mechanical switches. It’s a compact high-performance mechanical switch with linear typing feedback. The Baby Racoon switches have shortened stem design and transparent top-cover.

Gateron Baby Racoon Switches-1

Gateron Baby Racoon switches make your typing easier and more comfortable. With a full stroke of just 3.6mm, 0.4mm shorter than traditional linear switches, the Baby Racoon switches offer a quick trigger response. The switches take your pressure with ease with maximum trigger pressure rated at 55gf. Gateron Baby Racoon switches are designed with a transparent top cover and a naturally colored bottom cover. They use a 20mm long spring for a quick rebound and also house a condenser to illuminate RGB backlight in a better manner. Baby Racoon Switches from Gateron have a life span of up to 80 million keystrokes.

The Gateron Baby Racoon switches have a pre-travel of 2.0mm with a trigger force of 55gf. The shaft core is made up of high-quality POM material while the transparent Top cover is made up of high-quality PC material. They feature a 5-pin design making them compatible with most new keyboards in the market with hot-swappable sockets.

Gateron has always partnered with top brands in the industry and brought us quality mechanical keyboards. They will be soon launching new keyboards with Baby Racoon switches with famous brands such as AJAZZ, Keychron, etc. We will also be listing the Baby Racoon Switches on our store after their official international release.

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