Latest Updates With JamesDonkey RS2 2.0: RGB Backlight, New Gateron G Pro Switches, & More!!

JamesDonkey is a well-recognized name in the PC Peripheral industry. They deal in premium mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, and other mainstream PC peripherals. Earlier this year JamesDonkey released the RS2 mechanical keyboard with a gasket-mounted 99-key arrangement and a volume knob. Today, they have released an update to the classic RS2 with the release of the all-new JamesDonkey RS2 2.0. The latest RS2 2.0 bring many new updates to the keyboard including premium Gateron G Pro 2.0 mechanical switches, high-quality PBT CSA profile keycaps, Hot-Swappable design, Silicone padded EVA Foam layered structure, New color, etc. The RS2 2.0 promises an improved typing experience with new Gasket Pro switches and a padded structure design.

JamesDonkey RS2 2.0-1

JamesDonkey RS2 2.0 is launched officially for 75.99$ for the kit only and 105.99$ for the fully assembled keyboard. Refer here for more information.

RS2 2.0 adopts a suspension system with a gasket pro internal structure design. The keyboard is designed with an EVA foam padded structure along with the gasket Pro internal design, the RS2 2.0 promises a quality typing experience. The typing on the keyboard is smooth, accurate, and stabilized. The keyboard uses an FR4 Glass fiber material positioning plate for improved performance.

JamesDonkey RS2 2.0-2

JamesDonkey has treated the RS2 2.0 with double-shot injection-molded PBT material keycaps. The keyboard is released in an all-new color option. The OG RS2 was launched in a retro off-white color, but the new RS2 2.0 is launched in a modern black, silver color theme. It shares the same design layout as the OG RS2 with a 99-key arrangement and a multimedia volume knob.

JamesDonkey RS2 2.0-3

JamesDonkey RS2 2.0 keyboard has got an RGB backlight. JamesDonkey has featured a multi-color 16.8million color RGB backlight on the keyboard. With the support of the latest driver, RS2 2.0 supports attractive backlight lighting effects. RS2 2.0 is launched with new mechanical switches. It is now available with Gateron G Pro Silver 2.0 and Gateron G Pro White 2.0 mechanical switches.

RS2 2.0 is designed as an upgrade over the OG RS2. It brings all the advanced features of the OG RS2 including a silencing padded structure, hot-swappable sockets, multifunction volume knob, a built-in 3000mAh battery, an ergonomic shape, etc. With all of its new features, it offers smoother and more comfortable typing than ever before!! Check out more information about the RS2 2.0 here.

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