Glorious Series One Pro: Professional-Grade Gaming Mice Up For Group Buy

Packing an all-new experience for the gamers, Glorious has planned on a brand new wireless gaming mouse, the Glorious Series One Pro Wireless. Unlock the professional gamer in you with the latest Series One Pro gaming mouse. This super-lightweight gaming mouse uses the latest Glorious BAMP Sensor. It supports super fast tracking with its latest upgraded sensor. Glorious Series One Pro is an ultra-lightweight mouse with just 50 grams of weight. The mouse is only available as a part of the group buy. It means that the brand will only produce the mouse if it reaches a particular decided target during its group buy stage. The mouse is currently priced at 99.99$ for the group buy, available in three striking Colo combinations, Genos(Mustard Yellow), Centauri(Red), and VIDAR(Blue).

Glorious Series One Pro-1

With a hyper-light 50gms frame, The Glorious Series One Pro offers you full mobility and movement while using the mouse. It’s lightweight aesthetics and Claw/Fingertip Grip allows the users to do flicks and pixel-perfect aiming perfectly. Glorious has designed the mouse with a shorter length and taller back hump for a comfortable grip. The mouse houses 6 completely remappable buttons that use Glorious specially designed switches that are rated for about 80 million clicks. The mouse also has a dedicated DPI button.

Glorious Series One Pro-2

Series One Pro here uses Glorious’s self-developed BAMF sensor that gives it an adjustable DPI range of 100 to 19000DPI. It provides users with pixel-perfect tacking with adjustable speed. The mouse uses 100$ PTFE Feet allowing the users to use the mouse on different surfaces. Glorious Series One Pro is designed to outlast even the most hardcore gamer with its impressive battery life. The mouse provides up to 80 hours of usage upon a single charge. Glorious Series One Pro is an ultimate gaming mouse designed for both casual as well as professional gamers. The mouse is launched officially for 99.99$.

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