TTC Releases Speed Silver V2 Ultra-Fast Trigger Linear Mechanical Switches

TTC is a brand that is known for its premium mechanical switches. They have a huge catalog of mechanical switches in different actuation types including Linear, Tactile, Clicky, Linear+Speed, etc. Today, TTC has released a brand new set of mechanical switches, the TTC Speed Silver V2. As you might have guessed, the Speed Silver V2 comes as a direct upgrade to the successful Speed Silver switches from TTC. They have mainly upgraded its performance with an even faster trigger response, and high-quality gold and silver-plated internal components hence bringing better durability for the users. The switches are available in two packing options, first having 10 pieces priced at 9$ and the other with 36 switches priced at 29$, you can check out more details here.

TTC Speed Silver V2-1

Ideally designed for professional e-sports users, the TTC Speed Silver V2 switches have a super-fast trigger response with an electronic trigger. The switches have a short shaft travel with a lower actuation force required to trigger. Fast trigger response enables the users to be ahead of their competition. With their linear and smooth actuation, the Speed Silver V2 switches provide an easy typing experience. They take about 39gf initial trigger pressure and have a trigger response of just 45±4gf. The switches are agile and fast, they don’t require a lot of force, and act nicely on light force.

TTC Speed Silver V2-2

Improving over the first generation of Speed Silver switches, the latest Speed Silver V2 has smoother response with approx 20% improved accuracy. The brand has optimized the accuracy of the trigger, readjusted the anti-false touch control, and also improved the stability of the switches here. TTC Speed Silver V2 provides an optimized typing experience with increased accuracy and lower false triggers.

TTC Speed Silver V2-3

Similar to the recently launched Speed Gold and Love Switches, TTC Speed Silver V2 mechanical switches feature gold and silver-plated components that effectively improve their durability. With silver-plating, the components get an extra anti-oxidation cation on the conductive metallic surfaces of the switch body. The switches get a durability of up to 100 million keystrokes!!

TTC Speed Silver V2-4

TTC Speed Silver switches are designed with ultra-fast trigger response, these are an ideal choice for professional and casual e-sports players. With their linear response, fast trigger, and fast rebound, they keep you ahead in the competition!! Feel free to check out more details here.

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