HelloGanss HS98T Pro 98-Key Multimedia Mechanical Keyboard With Premium TTC Mechanical Switches

HelloGanss has officially announced the release of its latest 98-key compact mechanical keyboard, the HS98T Pro. Available in multiple color options, the HS98T Pro packs a wonderful typing experience with a beautiful design. It has got everything you might want in a multimedia keyboard including a multifunction volume knob, premium mechanical switches, dual-toned PBT keycaps, three-mode connectivity, etc.

HelloGanss HS98T Pro-1

HelloGanss HS98T Pro keyboard is available on pre-order with us priced at 99.99$. It is available in multiple color options, check out more information here.

HS98T Pro keyboard supports a variety of devices with its three-mode connectivity. The keyboard can be connected to smartphones, Tablets, PCs, and Laptops with Wireless Bluetooth connectivity. You can also connect multiple devices simultaneously with seamless switching between them. Apart from Bluetooth, HS98T also supports Wireless 2.4GHz and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. HelloGanss has designed the HS98T keyboard with a compact 98-key layout. It offers full functionality with a compact layout. The keyboard features a multifunction knob. The caps lock, num lock, and scroll lock indicator lights are placed near the Esc key. HelloGanss has also placed the Page Up and Down keys around the Volume knob.

HelloGanss HS98T Pro-2

HS98T Pro keyboard has got a sandwich cotton-padded structure that enhances your typing experience. HelloGanss has designed it with a sandwich cotton-padded layer between the PCB plate and the Bottom plate. The keyboard also has shock-absorbing pads under the switches. With fine-tuned stabilizers, the large keys are also stabilized and offer a smooth typing experience for the users. HS98T is designed with hot-swappable sockets. The keyboard comes stock with high-quality premium TTC mechanical switches. Buyers can choose between TTC Gold Pink and TTC Speed Silver switches as stock. HelloGanss has featured high-quality PBT keycaps on the keyboard.

HelloGanss HS98T Pro-3

HS98T Pro creates a fully immersive atmosphere with its multi-color RGB backlight. The backlight can be set with different pre-built effects and also supports musical rhythmic effects. HelloGanss HS98T keyboard is available in a bunch of color options, each one looking better than the other. It is priced at 99.99$ and is currently available on pre-order with us. Check out more information here.

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