Higround & TTC Design Brand New "Titan Heart" Linear Mechanical Switches

Higround and TTC have worked closely to design brand new mechanical switches. Today, TTC has announced its latest mechanical switch, the TTC Titan Heart. This latest Mechanical Switch is based on the famous Japanese manga called the “Attack On Titan”. Attack on Titan is a very famous Show and Manga worldwide. With their professional expertise, Higround and TTC have designed the TTC Titan Heart Switches with a high-end combined structure. These are identical to the famous TTC Honey Switches.

TTC Titan Heart Switches-1

Similar to the TTC Honey switches the latest Titan Heart Switches have a smooth and linear operating mechanism but with a faster trigger response. Compared to the Honey Switches by TTC, the new Titan Heart switches have shorter pre-travel of just 1.2mm, and the total travel is 3.6mm. TTC Titan Heart has a 23mm spring and takes 42gf operating force. The trigger efficiency is also increased here, the minimum initial pressure is 37grams on the TTC Titan Heart Switches. This helps in preventing accidental touches from registering any keypress. They are extremely durable with a 100million keystroke lifespan. You get smooth, linear feedback with a fast trigger response with the TTC Titan Heart Switches. These are fast and agile switches that effectively improve the efficiency of operations.

TTC Titan Heart Switches-2

The switches here are crafted with top-quality components. They are composed semi-transparent outer covering, a lego shell structure. TTC has equipped them with an extended gold-plated spring.

TTC Titan Heart Switches-3

Higround has also created a 100 thieves themed Mechanical Keyboard and Table mat(both themed on Attack on Titan Theme). They have equipped the keyboard with the latest TTC Titan Heart Switches. More information and the official release of the 100 Thieves Keyboard is supposed to come out tomorrow.

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