AJAZZ AK692 Three-Mode Hot-Swappable Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

AJAZZ has launched a new three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard, the brand new AJAZZ AK692. It’s an ultra-compact 69-key keyboard with a rather special layout. Instead of a regular 65% layout, the AK692 houses a small Numpad. This Numpad is achieved by trading some keys off from the special symbols section near the alphabet keys. It’s a unique take on regular 65% form factors by including a small numeric pad ideal for users. Priced at approx 200 yuan, the AJAZZ AK692 is supposed to go on sale tomorrow.


AJAZZ has got years of expertise in designing high-quality premium mechanical keyboards and their accessories. The latest AJAZZ AK692 houses several advanced features including built-in EVA sandwich cotton padding that makes the keystrokes better stabilized and also has a soft acoustic presentation. The keyboard will be available in a hot-swappable switch design with support for both 3-pin and 5-pin switches. It supports a multi-color RGB backlight design. With a large 2500mAh battery, the AK692 achieves up to 25 hours of battery life(with RGB On). AJAZZ AK692 Mechanical Keyboard has triple connection support with support for Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4GHz, and USB Type-C wired connection modes. In Wireless Bluetooth connection mode, the AK692 can be connected to 3 devices with seamless switching support. AJAZZ AK692 will be available on sale starting tomorrow priced at approx 200 Yuan.



>Unique 69-Key 65% layout.

>Includes a small numeric pad.

>Full RGB backlight.

>Triple connection mode.

>Wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

>Wireless 2.4GHz connectivity.

>Wired USB Type-C Connectivity.

>Hot-swappable design.

>Built-in EVA Cotton-Padded structure.

>Large 2500mAh battery.

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