Hyeku I-Series Mechanical Keyboards: Premium Aluminum Alloy Chassis, Kalih Pro Switches, RGB backlighting, and more!!

HYEKU is a well-known name in the PC peripheral market, known mainly for premium mechanical keyboards and their accessories. Hyeku has a huge catalog of high-quality mechanical keyboards available across different price brackets. Today, HYEKU has introduced its latest “I” Series of wired mechanical keyboards. Designed with a premium Sandblasted aluminum alloy frame the I-Series of keyboards have got exceptionally beautiful looks and a solid build structure. The series consists of four different variants, I2 with an 83-key arrangement, I3 with an 87-key TKL arrangement, I4 with a 99-key layout, and the I5 with a 108-key layout.

HYEKU I-Series Mechanical Keyboards-1

Hyeku I-Series starts with I2 priced at 79.99$ and it goes up high to 109.99$ for the I5 model. Check out more information here.

Hyeku has designed the I-Series mechanical keyboards with a textured aluminum alloy chassis. The outer shell of the keyboards is designed using sandblasting and anodizing processes. Hyeku has made use of high-quality aluminum alloy material for an ultimately robust and well-textured finish on the keyboards. Hyeku has treated the keyboards with an exquisite finish with color-matched keycaps. The entire design looks streamlined, neat, and clean giving premium vibes to the users.

HYEKU I-Series Mechanical Keyboards-2

I-Series of mechanical keyboards from HYEKU feature high-quality Kalih Box Pro mechanical switches. There are three different switch options available for the users, Red(Linear)l, Green(Clicky), and Brown(Tactile). With Kalih’s expertise in mechanical switches, the keyboards offer smooth operation with high durability. The keyboards support five-pin hot-swappable sockets for easy replacement of switches whenever required. The keyboards are designed with a sound-absorbing internally padded structure. With a spongy padded layer, the empty spaces inside the keyboard cavity are filled greatly reducing cavity resonance sounds and also absorbing keystrokes pressure. They support many advanced features such as RGB immersive backlighting, Hot-swappable sockets, Durable PBT keycaps, etc promising a comfortable typing experience.

HYEKU I-Series Mechanical Keyboards-3

HYEKU I-Series is a simple wired mechanical keyboard that supports a Detachable Type-C wired connector cable. It starts at 79.99$, check out more information here.

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