ZOMOPLUS x One Piece Launches 3D Printed Artisan Keycaps

ZOMOPLUS has released brand new 3D printed Artisan keycaps based on the One-Piece anime theme. Enter the great voyage of your One-Piece journey with the brand new ZOMOPLUS x One Piece with 3D printed Resin keycaps. There are two Artisan keycaps designed on the One-Piece theme. One is the Whale Laboon theme priced at 168 Yuans for the Esc Key and the other is the Red Earth Continent for the Enter Key priced at 198 Yuans.

Zomoplus x Onepiece Keycaps-1

The One Piece Red Earth Continent keycaps embark you on a great voyage to find the One Piece fan in your heart. The background is inspired by the upside-down mountains of the red earth continent, the moment in the anime right before the straw hat pirates enter the great voyage is frozen in the keycaps. The raging waves, the towering red earth continent, coupled with the announcement of the straw hat gang to their dreams, bring back your childhood memories.

Zomoplus x Onepiece Keycaps-2

The Artisan Keycaps are made through a high-precision 3D printing process. They look similar to hand-dropped rubber keycaps with a transparent resin layer wrapping the miniature landscape. The whole keycap has transparent light-transmission effects. The keycaps are produced using a fully automated 3D printing production line. Quality Control is high-standard than regular drop glue keycaps. They have three-different spray coatings solving all problems of the keycaps going yellowish. Both the keycaps look extraordinarily beautiful and will be availabled in Mechkeys soon.

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