Hyeku Launches E2 Pro and E4 Pro Three-Mode Gasket Mounted Mechanical Keyboards

Hyeku is a brand that is turning heads with its class-leading range of premium mechanical keyboards. Hyeku deals in mechanical keyboards and their keycaps with a designer look and advanced features. Today, Hyeku has introduced two new keyboards to its advanced “E” series of mechanical keyboards with the announcement of Hyeku E2 Pro and E4 Pro keyboards. Both the E2 Pro and the E4 Pro keyboards share the same set of advanced features such as gasket structure, three-mode connectivity, PBT keycaps, 5-pin hot-swappable sockets, Premium Kailh Ice Cream POK switches, etc. They both differ from each other in layouts. The E2 Pro has a compact 75% layout with an 83-key arrangement and the E4 Pro has a compact 90% layout with a 99-key arrangement!!

HYEKU E2 Pro/E4 Pro-1

Hyeku E2 Pro is priced at 89.99$ while the E4 Pro is priced at 95.99$. You can check out more details here.

Hyeku has designed the E2 Pro and E4 Pro keyboards with a smooth gasket-mounted structure design. They have a one-piece customized silicone pad underneath the keyboard plate that acts as a cushion and absorbs &  dampens the vibrations caused by keystrokes. This gasket structure makes typing on the E2 Pro and E4 keyboard comfortable and also reduces the resonance cavity sounds as well.

HYEKU E2 Pro/E4 Pro-2

Hyeku E2/E4 Pro keyboards feature high-quality PBT material keycaps. They have an SA profile build which is comfortable to grip and type. The keyboards include a magnetic detachable handrest which makes your typing experience even comfier. Hyeku has equipped the keyboards with the latest launched Kailh Box Black Berry Ice Cream POK material mechanical switches. They have a self-lubricating design that ensures silky smooth typing feedback and long durability. The E2/E4 Pro keyboards have dynamic RGB backlight with multiple effects that can be adjusted using the driver software. The keyboards also have musical rhythmic effects that make your user experience even better.

HYEKU E2 Pro/E4 Pro-3

Hyeku E2 Pro and E4 Pro keyboards feature versatile three-mode connectivity. With advanced Wireless Bluetooth connection, the Keyboards can be connected to different devices. Wireless 2.4GHz connection allows for a high-speed connection with low lag and smooth connectivity. The wired USB connection allows you to connect the keyboard to your system via a standard USB connection. Hyeku has featured a large capacity 4600mAh battery on the E2 Pro and E4 Pro keyboards that treats the keyboards with long battery life. Hyeku E2 Pro and E4 Pro keyboards are simply fantastic. They have superior performance with all the latest features built into them. Make sure you check out more information about the E2 Pro and E4 Pro here.

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