TTC Launches Honey V2 Linear Mechanical Switches

TTC is a known name in the mechanical keyboard industry. The brand is associated with top keyboard brands in the market as they are one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality mechanical switches. Today, TTC has launched a brand new set of premium mechanical switches, the TTC Honey V2. As you might’ve guessed from the name, the Honey V2 comes as a direct upgrade to the Honey V1. The V2 has improved build quality while offering the same trusted silky smooth typing experience of the Honey V1!! TTC Honey V2 has got solid build with a Lego-like build structure, full POM material core, PC material top and bottom covers, etc.

TTC Honey V2-1

The TTC Honey V2 comes in three different sets, 10 pieces, 36 pieces, and 100 pieces starting at just 11.99 for the set of 10 pieces. Know more details here.

TTC Honey V2 mechanical switches primarily have an upgrade in terms of looks and build compared to the OG Honey V1 switches. They now have a 3D engraved heart right on the top cover. Previously this heart logo was hidden underneath the switch core. The Honey V2 switches have got a solid build with a Lego-like build structure. They adopt a high-quality POM material switch core for ultra-smooth typing response. Joined with a long 22.5mm gold-plated spring and we have ourselves a strong rebound as well with the Honey V2 switches. You get high-quality PC material top and bottom covers as well on the Honey V2 switches.

TTC Honey V2-2

The Honey V2 switches have the same typing characteristics as the OG model with soft 42gf trigger force, 2.0mm pre-travel, 3.8mm total travel, etc. They adopt a long 22.5mm gold-plated spring for a strong rebound on every single keystroke. The Honey V2 switches have got superior gold point contacts along with silver-plated pins. TTC has glued the pins professionally onto the body so as to remove any empty space between the connection pins and the shell structure.

TTC Honey V2-3

TTC Honey V2 mechanical switches promise silky smooth typing with linear feedback and a strong rebound. They can be used on your current keyboard with hot-swappable sockets to easily upgrade the typing experience!! The Honey V2 are ideal for both gamers as well as office users. They are available in a bunch of sets starting at just 11.99$ for a set of 10 switches. For a complete keyboard overhaul, you can opt for the 100-switch set priced at $100. For further information on the TTC Honey V2 switches, check out here.

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