IDOBAO ID80 Lava Fully-Customizable 75% Mechanical Keyboard

IDOBAO is a famous brand that deals in fully customizable PC peripherals. This mainly includes premium keyboard kits and fully-assembled mechanical keyboards. Today, IDOBAO has announced a brand new 75% fully-customizable mechanical keyboard, the IDOBAO ID80 Lava. It has a compact 75% form factor and features beautiful looks with transparent keycaps. 

IDOBAO ID80 Lava-1

ID80 comes in a variety of high-performance mechanical switches from Gateron and Kalih. It is currently available on pre-order for 319.99$, check out more information here.

IDOBAO ID80 keyboard features a double gasket mounted structure for a smooth typing experience. In addition to the standard gasket mounts on the top and bottom case, the ID80 also has silicone pads between them for an ultra-smooth typing experience. Alongside this double-gasket-mounted structure, the ID80 mechanical keyboard also comes with new screw-in stabilizers. They offer a smooth wobble-free typing experience. Screw-in stabilizers can also be upgraded easily.

IDOBAO ID80 Lava-2

IDOBAO ID80 boasts beautiful looks with its acrylic top-case and transparent keycaps. It has got metallic backplate providing a solid base and robust build structure. IDOBAO has used premium PBT material keycaps that give the keyboard a rich and premium look. IDOBAO has featured south-facing RGB LEDs on the keyboard that produces a bright backlight effect from the typist’s angle. The transparent keycaps bring the best out of the RGB backlight and create an immersive experience.

IDOBAO ID80 Lava-3

IDOBAO ID80 fully supports QMK and VIA software. Each key can be reprogrammed or remapped easily, allowing the users to configure the keyboard as per their liking. The keyboard is available in premium Gateron and Kalih mechanical switches. They enable smooth operation with high durability on the keyboard. Users can also replace the switches as the keyboard features hot-swappable PCB sockets. IDOBAO ID80 is a fully-assembled mechanical keyboard that comes with top-quality components. Check out more information about the ID80 over here.

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